Tuesday, 12 June 2018

A Place Of Solace, Reflection And Understanding.

 In the world that individuals live in among many societies, there are so many out there who need and is trying to find a base, a place of solace, reflection, and understanding, not everyone wants to live in the madness of noise, pollution, and constant drama.

There comes a time in everyone's life when they being is going to direct them in true ways.

Some individuals are trying to get their life on track as some get away from the meaningless intrusions that put them on stakes of misery, confusion, torment, and turmoil.

To some individuals, it may seem an effortless demeanor but it's always worth the try, at the end they will get peace as the individual find out their true worth and work to maintain and stabilize what they found for themselves in themselves.

Who or what they want in their lives, that will help propel them to their peaceful stance.

Finding your true disposition is an alignment that will help one achieve the mandatory presence of peace, you will focus on production and walk with truths.

Some, on the other hand, may ask how one can achieve such a stance?

But it's for you the individual to know what and who you want in your life.

Your life should not be about misery, control or a stoppage, it should not be about having to go day by day in an environment, relationships etc that is just not healthy to self or does not bring a gratification of contentment to self.

A man can work on himself better than his environment can work on him,
as it's for you the individual to be in full control of your being to know your true worth and way, to get into meaningful disposition.

One has to make that prominent move to get one's structure in place to be able to have that place of solace to reflect and understand what is and what has to be.

 How can one understood self when one does not consciously know self?

The dynamics here is for an individual to know their worth and apply it to suit.

Let your true conscious being evaluate you as you see and acknowledge your true worth.

Saturday, 19 May 2018


What is your happiness, does anyone really know the concept that one can align themselves with to be truly happy?

The dormancy of clarity in some individuals to understand what happiness really is has been blinded by so many materialistic wares that individuals cannot comprehend the true value of happiness and how to get to maintain it in their life of living ways each and every day.

A pair of shoes, a bag, a car, home etc is not going to bring you happiness as all those things bring is temporary positioning, they are just items and ways etc that help accelerate pleasing and comfort.

Some may argue that a house can give them happiness and there might be a little truth in their speech, as they would have to know the position that they life is in that a house of their own could contribute to temporary fulfillment .

But as I said it's a mere temporary positioning that a house etc an bring, as one can move into another house and another and another and the same goes with any other materialistic wares, as the individual can change them for something new.

An individual should understand what happiness really is, some individuals want happiness but they don't know what it is or how to get it.

Happiness is being emotionally stable, to understand what is really necessary for and in one's life of being of living, and things and other individuals can only add a temporary base.

Some may agree with the logistics and some may not, but it's all about the clarity of self to understand self and the necessary accolades to truly adapt and live by in one's life.

The monopoly of gaining entry into happiness is finding one's true self to know and understand the true fundamental fulfillment of being.

The structure of some individual's minds that is just basing happiness on materialistic wares continue to be overshadowed b a false way, as materialistic wares can only bring a temporary positioning, why would you settle for a false way when you can have permanent reasoning?

The base for understanding must be established for individuals to understand the true way.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Raise Your Love Frequency.

Love is embedded in everybody even if they don't know, and in some kind of situation don't mind how harsh the individual seems to be in them a true love somehow shows.

The disposition of love is to be always flowing in ways, in a motion that needs much acceleration, in your voice, in heart, and in the atmosphere.

Raising your love frequency means applying a true love that will eventually help somebody.

It's a true love that is clear and it needs to be manifested everywhere.

Lust is not true love, lust is false, lust is having greedy eyes for material or other things that can and can't be bought.

True genuine love is always the way, it's a product of a truthful heart that always has genuine care.

And everyone will know an individual with genuine care as it is not a harsh or push of some daily, weekly or monthly button that says you must show love on this or that particular day.

Genuine love flows every second of every minute of the year, in days in months in years, love is not a false depiction of one day to show a false love to someone that isn't aware.

Raising your love frequency means you as a true bearer of love will help love to continually grow, as love is connected to the soul it's embedded in the heart and in the eyes, it will be shown.

Whenever elements try to challenge individuals some will always know, as it's channel through them and from the individual's eyes and being the bad vibes always flow.

Raise your true love frequency and don't raise dark false vibes that would not help yourself or anybody, raise your love frequency all around, high in the atmosphere and let it burrow through the earthly ground.

Don't Let Individual's Negativity Stop Your Positivity


When a true positive love flow is in you, always continue to do what you were made to do, to help others out in some way and keep your positive stance of standing each and every day.

Always stay strong in faith and truth will help direct you each and everyday.

When it's the right time you will know when you have to help someone out, and it should not be a forced or pushed help that you will be about.

Always remember the greedy and try to avoid them at all cost, as they always come with deceptive ways and like to portray them self as needy or lost.

And in ways in societies of living there are some individuals and situations that may try to challenge you, always flow with your positive feed, stay strong and continue to help the ones that are truly in need.

Yes! There will be haters and there will be some who don't like truth, never worry and always stay focus as no man or anything has the power to remove you.

Monday, 26 February 2018

Open Up Your Heart And Just Let A True Self Healing Begin.

The structural state of a healing individual is to have an understanding structure of dominance, as to have that full control over self, mind, body, spirit soul and heart.

So many individuals need to heal themselves as so many individuals are lacking when it comes to forgiveness, as a self-control accelerant that deals with each matter at hand and helps the individual to heal.

You can not heal if you don't know how to start the healing process, as it's a mild walk into some entrances of ways.

You can not heal if you insist on keeping things and individuals tied up in your heart and mind.

A self-motivated aspect that leads to true healing each and every day will eventually get one onto the path of complete healing.

I know for some it might not be easy, but the best solution is to try.

Some stubborn individuals persist on holding on to anger against everyone that did them wrong, and all it does is make them so bitter with a short fuse that is ready to go off at any time.

I've had many experiences in life and I can say that I to carry hate and anger for those that did me wrong and then I realized with an intervention that I needed to truly forgive and let go, everyone, because I was just making myself a cold-hearted individual without care and it was just making me sick to the core.

And that was not me, all I was doing then was hating myself because I wasn't loving myself to forgive those that did me wrong and move on with my life.

I know that there are so many individuals that in life somehow went through the episode of experiences that really challenge their mentality, life, and ordinance.

And some saw the truth of all matters and choose to forgive and move on because that heavy burden was too much to bear.

A few months ago I met a gentleman who was very fond of me and he wanted to start a relationship between him and I, but you know what? Anger hated and everything else stood in the way.

It seems as a child he was ill-treated by his parents and all through his years of living he still holds that grudge, anger, and hate, no love just a cold, hurting heart that really needs to be healed.

And with a split personality, he would just trip at times when he hears about forgiving those who did him wrong.

Actually, his life is all based on revenge, and bitterness and a way to get back at his parents for what they did him.

He even went as far as to mention that he is waiting until he dies to meet them face to face and tell them off.

And all I could do is feel sorry for this man because he is so filled with anger towards his parents that he continue to let it get in the way of his life and happiness.

And I pray that he really find his true self to forgive those that did him wrong  move on and live his life.

No one with that kind of attitude and mentality cannot be happy as they are so focused on revenge and anger that they are overlooking life.

And as I told him, my life has no space for a revengeful individual who persists in holding onto anger that long.

As much as some individuals try, no one canot build a relationship off of anger, hate or unforgiveness.

I know my boundaries and that does not include taking on a situation in my life that could bring me harm.

Time heals all causes if you will yourself to be healed, time always accelerate in ways, time is the passage that helps and makes everything done, time is always at a steady pace but it has no feet to run.

Yes! Healing does take time, but anger takes life, that is the difference.

Opening up one's heart to healing is an individual softening the outer hard inflicted core, as its a self-healing from obstacles in past or present ways.

For instance, when the body gets cut it automatically heals itself, the blood clots after a few minutes and the healing process begins.

So why can't individuals let their true instincts of healing begin, instead of giving it a reverse swing that just turns them into individuals with cold hearts of unforgiveness that just act so very mean angry and frustrated?

Healing is a process that everyone should have, a way that should be embedded in them as a mandatory and peaceful flow.

Without healing, individuals have no consciousness of where they are going as they just fuel themselves with all the grudge, anger and hate.

Elements that most of them try to build on, that just act as ammunition that can go off at any time.

Life is not based on holding onto what or whoever try to make your life a living hell, it's about trying to divert from the situation and move on.

And with that, a healing process is mandatory and you need to forgive that individual that cause the disruptions in your life.

Why stay unhappy and angry when you could be free and happy?

Life is about freedom, the growth of evoling, sharing, caring and showing authentic love to self and others.

Yes! Sometime you might find those lucent ones that try to challenge your true caring way and it's best to move on to someone that really needs help, sometime in difficult situation you must love from afar.

Staying with someone with a mentality of anger, hate and revenge isn't the safest place to be.

Those individual needs to work on themselves and if they are not willed to help themselves, you will just be wasting your time ,energy and maybe risking your life.

Life is not about being angry with everyone that did you wrong and passing on the anger to others.

Individuals need to truly forgive and move on, I know you wouldn't forget but still!

Just let it be when you remember that it does not create a tear in your heart or soul.

Just let that reminder be of, I was there but I'm not anymore, I've moved on and I'm a free loving person today.

I will not hold any more anger, hatred or unforgiveness, I will make myself free and happy.

A good change is good and it can start with a true self-healing instead of holding on to individuals, anger and hate.

Always remember that forgiveness is the beginning of self-healing.

And no one can help you if you continue to be stubborn and don't want to help yourself.


Tuesday, 13 February 2018

What Is Your Culture? -Do You Even Know?

Living among individuals in societies in a world that all live in, some are trying to manipulate others with some kind of false and wayward thinking.

With all manmade elements and procedures of cultural and other ways, just to get them to participate in some ignorant way.

But what really is your culture, does anyone even know, what is this wayward way all about, ways of old dated dates and deeds that individuals use that never is relevant, just ways they just carry out for show?

Old doors that individuals continue to go through, with much manipulation that doesn't gives them grow in anyway, just a wheel that keeps spinning round and round never going anywhere.

What really is anyone's culture and do they even know, or they are just jumping on every wayward bandwagon because some ignorant individual says so?

Years ago my grandmother used to try to take me to everything and as a child, my inside being was always crying.

I was so uncomfortable and I knew that I was being carried to places and events that wasn't me, the true embodiment of my truthful being’s way.

I knew that none of those things were my culture just mere illusional ways that individuals were doing.

As a young child, I knew things that no one knew and all I was asking myself is if everyone was on a go slow.

It seems I was birth with a conscious awakening and everything that I told individuals and my family would happen was exactly as I said, yes! it was happening.

But this cultural way that I was birth into is not my way, as I'm not an individual that would showcase my body all over the place, I'm peaceful in nature and I like my private and peaceful space.

I don't like loud noise or voices that like to frustrate other's ways.

I'm a down to earth individual and I can get along with everyone, and I can see through those people that carry negative wares that may want to try to bring me down.

I am a free woman and I have a free will and mentality and I don't stand for nonsense as I just boldly state my claim and tell whoever to just get away from me.

I know what is for me and I know what isn't, I know individuals with false ways and I know the ones that are truly pleasant.

And what I have seen here so far on this island that I was birth into, nothing here is my culture, nothing here is my way.

Some ways that are called cultural ways really is bewilderment as I can see individual in societies all over the  world program to do what others say and they just go along like they don't have a willpower and don't know how to voice themselves in truth and say, ‘ I am not going or doing your false and wayward ignorant ways’

As a young child I was very bold and in my teenage years suddenly I became shy if anyone tried to talk to me my throat just harden and my stomach ache and I would be scared and even cry.

And deep within my being I knew something was wrong and that day I prayed to my creator because I knew I was not to be scared and shy and I asked for my boldness to be unshackled and with that I asked for complete militancy, fearlessness and courage, and the next day I woke up I became the true and original me :)

That is why being conscious is the best way to be because no one can try to feed you with false words as you will always know your true path and your spiritual worth.

You will be able to decipher what elements is not structures for your being of consciousness and growth.

You will know not to keep your inner consciousness down in a stifled state, that when your inner being says what it says you will be able to hear, acknowledge and comprehend because you will be consciously awake. #GetConsciouslyAwake

No blindsiding no controlling, it's you and the true creator that created you, and with an alignment of true consciousness, you will know what it is you should and shouldn't do.

Reject The Wayward And Embrace The Natural.

Some individuals in societies in a world of wayward ways that they live in tend to stress themselves out, and all they really need to do is to reject the wayward ways and embrace positivity and the naturalness of surrounding elements that are everywhere. 

Some take stress reducing pills and all they really need to do is to find a peaceful place at will, someplace that calms their inner being and open their consciousness to really see. 

Why are so many focusing on wayward ways when all it's doing is stressing and frustrating them out each and every day? 

We all know that truth is going to show up the lies and individuals that found themselves struggling will get to pull themselves up and go forth to a life of winning. 

I've always said, Why focus on anything or anyone that is always pushing negative energy just trying to make you break, when you can have a self-controlled peaceful stance and a true consciousness that is always wide awake? 

The supplementary ending of things that is on the wayward side will eventually be unmasked and everyone will see the deviousness of every wayward and deceptive lie. 

Your main focus should be about making yourself happy peaceful and stress-free, to be in full control of your mind and have a true consciousness, soul and being of a true and strong mentality. 

Every day individuals walk in ways and so much natural beauty is around as it surrounds them every day. 

If only some of them would see and know of the natural soothing call, they would not be so stressed out or feel like they are being driven up a wall. 

Natural beauty soothes you natural beauty calms you natural beauty lightens your soul in every creation that your eyes of soul attentively behold. 

Beautiful color all different type shapes and forms, different noises from some that don't blow like a very harsh annoying horn. 

Making yourself unhappy isn't helping anyone or you as it only puts stress on your life and individuals in a state of being angry and always full of hate and malicious strife. 

Natural elements with beauty come with so many things, bright colors, new birth, and the refreshing winds all-natural element that allows individuals to embrace accept and becalmed in a peaceful way. 

And by embracing the natural elements of things you'll be on a start of a perfect winning :) 

Mother nature's natural elements should be embraced by everyone, to help soothe their inner being. 

So that individuals would not go through a life of days looking or feeling unhappy, angry or spiritually down.