Monday, 13 November 2017

Capturing The Silence Of Peace.

It's peace of a natural way, the serenity of a calming a true light structure that flows through your soul being of living life of pathway. 

Peace is the mechanism of calm the edifying way that comes with a soothing and never a bad structure to harm. 

Peace is within everyone's reach to have to help them gain a true disposition of self and observe the significant way that a positive soul can truly help. 

Peace is mandatory peace will help everybody, peace is a light that help shines through, the stressful ways in passages in life that sometimes try to challenge you. 

Peace is a highlighter peace is a soul calmer, peace is knowing and being in control of your soul of being as you disconnect yourself from the loud noise of voices and troubles in the world that is an everyday pollutant that you constantly hear and see. 

Peace is free, and it compels you to see the true way of your necessary needs, peace is a soft light that helps guides your way, to give you a strong sturdy true structure to rise to face another way of the day. 

With peace you get to hear mother nature's elements that help put your being of soul at ease, you get to feel a comfort of self in the arms of a loving way that is peace :) 

Monday, 14 August 2017

Technology's Misguided Minds.

Not so long ago I was in School, in various educational institutions being taught among other things the basic English words.

And how the years have passed by and Yes! The methods and words of voice.

As far as I can remember I was at school for an education and was taught different educational methods of Schooling to be ready for the world with my understanding growth.

And the most and foremost aspects of these educational methods' which to this day still applies to life, living, and awareness is the basis English language, the language to be spoken with clarity, efficiency, and poise.

In today's world I'm asking, "What about the basic English language, has anyone noticed what it has now become?

As with new technology the English language now seems to be filtered, flatten and pulled apart and replaced by awkward words of abbreviations that have no epic identity for and of a cause.

As "Nothing" has now changed to "Nuttin" Yes! Ye, No Na, "I hear you" Ihu and Thanks, Thnx.

I could just go on but I'll stop here as I've just mentioned a few.

I'm always telling other's, that I hear with this new technology half cross words of science.

"Why is Schooling of education here to be used to teach others' to learn to speak English at it's best and individuals are speaking so terrible because of new technology?

A method of English language and English literature that was around for the longest while.

To help others' know, understand and be able o maneuver through passages' of informational and guidance fields.
And technology walks in and with it comes many bad habits of ways.

Which by the way is teaching the youth and others' to speak bad English of words in the most despicable ways.

A disruption of teachings that put the students and others' on rocky and wrong roads.

And with this wrong directional technology of language, there are no open doors for goals.

It just seems like a set up to keep individuals stranded on empty roads.

I cannot have a conversation with anyone that used these unedifying terms of words, I have a way and I always say,"Could you please put that sentence into a better context for me to understand, please?

I'm not and I'm never going to hurt my head trying to figure out some text meaning to give myself a brain freeze.

I for one can adapt to change but a wrong change I'll never do, I'll prefer to stick to something old and good that I know in life it will see me through.

As I always preferred to be a leader of good than a follower of bad.

And using a term of language that would turn one's mind bad doesn't seem to be the right area of direction as it seems to have much error and lies.

Technology? Checktology is more what others should be doing and stamp out the negative aspects of its ways that seemed to have some people changing not for the better but for the bad.

And don't let technology be like a story line when read, that would make everyone sad.

It's really confusing to see the way others attitudes' and behaviors' has changed with the new technology.

And in this world in a society that we live in called mankind, everyone has a will power, which by the way some tend to use very useless.

Some individuals are being used by these distorted devices of deviance, and yet some failed to see the dis torments as in their own and others' behaviors'.

It's just a mere understanding to see the alignment of these individuals ways, which by the way have passed many viewing, Why?

It's because so many others' are caught up in the distorted devices of deviance ways, so they wouldn't notice the distortions in another if they haven't noticed it in themselves.

So many fights mentally to be able to understand the English language, to be able to be a part of a society in the world that we live in.

And others' are being guided to distort the truth of its existence.

Wouldn't this come down to a distortion of life and living, if there is a reversed of conversational language, from it's merely changing from good to bad?

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Walking Out In FAITH.

So many individuals are battling with indecisiveness as to figure out when to go, what to do, how to do it! And they constantly asked themselves ‘‘ Will they get through? 

Deep within themselves, they know that the time has come or is coming for them to move on, and some never have faith enough to walk out in faith they just act stubborn and stay still. 

They get so comfortable being stoned in unproductive fields and they just lay dormant as they stay in situations and circumstances that are not truthful, meaningful and productive for them, as they just wasting their lives away stranded at zero zones. 

They need to have that strong faith and will power to get out of relationships, jobs etc that is not beneficial to them, Yes! The ones that are not meant for them. 

And some are so stubborn they avoid the heeding call, they look back at what they will be missing instead of the good true things ahead to come Yes! All good things that come with the freedom that they will be gaining. 

They look back and stoned their lives on unproductive fields and with unproductive individuals that are just going nowhere. 

I had to walk out in Faith from different situations on different passages of my life of living that weren't beneficial to me in truthful ways. 

And Yes! I went through the episode of deliberations of trying to look back at what I had to walk away from, and at the end of the day, I did the right thing that I had to do and walk out in Faith and a strong will power knowing that there is better for me. 

And I did it because I know my worth, I control my own will power, I have a strong Faith and I know who is always looking out for my truthful stance to help keep me on my positive, true and right way of living and to whom I belong. 

‘‘ Faith is the understanding of one's belief to do what is right and to maneuver in ways accruable ’’. ~Marcelle Hinkson 

Today I have more strength, I'm free, I'm independent, I've gained as I progress and achieve what It is that I know truthfully I should :) 

 A lot of Individuals out there really need to listen to their Heart of Soul to know when they have to ‘‘ Walk out in Faith’’, some need a stronger Faith and Will Power to do such. 

Don't look back at what you will be missing and don't just stand there and stone yourself and your true life living of ways. 

Always walk in Faith to know good things you will always be gaining, just walk out and start living the true way you should live on your path of ways and don't let the false ways of works and voices stand in your way.

Yes! The ones that always try to threaten you and tell you that you cannot get through, and always want you to look back at what or who was helping you when you were or is in your feeble state. 

You know what! Enough of the voices, enough of the mind manipulation, enough of the threats, You will get through if only some of you will try. 

And not only will you free yourself but you will get to know yourself and build yourself to be that strong individual that you are supposed to be, Yes! an independent individual that knows his or her true worth. 

‘‘ Strength is your Courage it is your Hope it is your Faith that in life helps you to cope, It is the Instrument that in life Helps you to see that you can Help you go and do things wherever you have to be’’. ~Marcelle Hinkson

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Living Life.

Don't ever let a bad past control your future,always let your breath of life Creator be your tutor.

Never let bad situations or other stand in the way of you moving on and enjoying yourself in a true productive way.

Don't ever put yourself down even if you have been trying to get through for so long.

And never look at life in a bad way,good things will happen and they will brighten up your day.

Always know that you will get through and never listen to the negative voices of individual's that say what you can and can not do,always know that you have the will power to push yourself Yes! You!

Don't ever let anyone negatively direct your life,as you must always be aware and conscious with knowledge wisdom and understanding,Yes! The bottom line is that you must be always wise.

There is someone out there for somebody and when the time comes you will find,a genuine loving person who will cherish you and to you will never lie.

Things do happen for a reason and it's never to make anyone angry or sad,it's just for you to keep growing in all that you must do,to achieve the good things in life,all good aspects of ways that is meant for you only the best.

Good will come and you will have some and all your heart's desire,the things that you hold deep in heart.

And with time there will also be good memories as your life continues in a good way for you to enjoy each and everyday.

Loving Yourself

Loving yourself above all things is the most important thing,what peace inside ,clarity and knowing your genuine self worth will gratitude it brings.

Never with a puffed up pride of way that puts down individuals in a bad way when you pass their way.

But with true love essence of a genuine heart that let you see your breath of life's precious gift and you the individual that walk each day as you take part.

Sometimes you meet individuals that might try to upset you and you must always ignore the ignorance of the ignorant and never let them annoy you.

You know your self worth and you know who is behind your existance on this earthly turf.

And you know your true strong standing and your walking in positive ways,so why wouldn't you love yourself each and everyday?

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

A Mandate To Be Awake

A mandate to be awake to see the truth of it all.

The necessity of awareness as one gets awaken to life's conscious destiny's call.

To open the inner eyes as to see the truths and be wise.

Yes! The truth from the lies that makes mankind for each other despised.

Eyes that will open to see the evolution of true ways individuals in a world evolving from weaker to greater.

A consciousness with wise power.

It's the new evolution of spiritual wear.

That open the inner eyes to show a true way.

To awaken to do one's will of destiny.
That was placed on us from Father God in the Highest of the heavenly a true connection aligned.

That allows him to show and connect all the time.

Always moving in his way.

That carry much Love of a Father's care.

An inner view old leaving as you see new.

New light; new eyes; new ways to see.

A new beginning of true ways as they were always meant to be.

An opening of inner eyes that will allow you to see as true ways descend on thee.

To show you what is; what isn't; and what shall be.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Moving On From Relationships,Work And Other Unproductive Ways.

In life some individuals will have to move on, whether it's from family, relationships, a business of work employment methods, they will move on.

And when they decide to go forward with their life, it's for them to walk out with the faith of hope to know that it will be for the better and that anyone or anything that they had to let go of it was for a good reason.

There should never be the need to pick up pieces of sundry of meaningless ways or individuals that do not benefit or have a truthful meaningful and genuine heart that does not attribute to you maintaining a positive peaceful stance.

Yes! Individuals should always carry a genuine love of and in heart of soul, as to share, shower and show the manifestations of its ways, wears, and ware.

But you must also remember that you can love from afar, and you don't have to be embedded or have a repeated snare as to connect yourself to something or someone that you once let go.

Or any situation that caused you hurt and harm in your life, you should always, love them, release them and send them love, and move on to better and never a failure.

No need for a brutish envy of criticism or other just a release and a move of yourself onto a more meaningful path page of self-growth with a need to push and get to a more stable, true and conscious way of worth.

Everyone has their life to live and no one can live your life for you, you need to continue living and never stop.

Get growth and don't ever get snared and be controlled and manipulated into a false way of elemental ways, that does not intend to benefit your true standing of worth and growth.

Everyone has a will power and it's for each and every individual to have their say in any situation of elements that does not carry a positive meaningful structure for their true life of living.

Why settle for a dormant less when you can have a free will production of positive flow that will always carry you on to beneficial growth?

Never worry about who did'nt call you to ask if you are well, just move on and go forward and the new structure of pathways that you go on will be a beacon light that will show your positive movement and to others it will tell :)