Saturday, 31 December 2016

To Get Peace

When you get peace no crying hurting no noise is heard, no confusion on your peaceful road. 
No arrogant ways no lousy days no individuals to upset your way, because you will be standing always in peaceful ways. 
Peace can come so naturally if only Everyone will embrace, a piece of mind heart and soul that will lead them to peaceful days. 
It doesn't make sense getting yourself angry then minutes after you have to tune as you calm yourself down and you are just wasting precious energy. 
It doesn't matter frustrating yourself about anything in any way, that is why there is another day to get things and put them your way. 
Time waits for no one it's the individual to tag along, it's what you have to offer when the time comes. 
To some gaining, peace might seem hard but it's not as it's for you to get in control, and use full authority over your mind heart and soul. 
It's protecting your mind from negative ways of voices that may want to throw you off your track, it's inputting positive things in the heart with the boldness and a strong back. 
It's keeping your soul clean and lighted to shine brighter than the stars at night, as you get to understand the negatives in world Yes! The wrongs and the rights. 
Take your stand and let your voice be heard, not in a loud bellow of angry feelings and never a swearing of words. 
Your peace of mind heart and soul should mean everything to you, and you should try and implement a regime of ways that will always benefit you. 
The peace of silence so much long to hear it's a sure guide as you are able to listen, to true heart soul of directions that you were once missing. 
That is why when confusion is around no one could ever think, because the loud voices of confusion will try to get all your true directions that are for you to be miss. 
The words of directions that you are supposed to hear to keep a quiet peaceful stance, that is why a peaceful way is relevant for you to get in your life at every chance. 

Friday, 30 December 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR-My Gift To You :)

A new year is coming and an old year is about to pass, so all the bad experiences just learn from them as you put them in the past.

Use this new year to start over as you turn a new page in your life, gain your independence and continue to persevere as you help yourself to strive.

The errors of mishaps that you had done once before, please learn from them and release them through the past of not to do again; as you send them through its door.

Let this year bring light and true love always to your soul, let it keep you wrapped in the true consciousness of aware as you walk your pathway strong fearless and bold.

Let this new year embrace you with meaningful and special things, that is delivered to you from a loving precious Father all wrapped in holy golden wings :)

Let this year open your eyes to see, that whoever was cut off of your life was never meant to be.

Don't upset frustrate or stress yourself, if you don't have a job you will soon and time will tell.

And if you are in a job home relationship or other that you find repulsive of the sort, don't get angry just take your time you know its never bought.

Listen to your heart and make the right move at the right time, and don't be afraid don't let lying false voices intimidate you or your mind.

If you have to go, you will go as your inner being will help walk you through and out of those meaningless doors.

Never take pride inside, to boost yourself up from a true way with lies.

2017 is about to walk in, and get yourself ready because you are about to cross the finish line as you victoriously win :)

Walk with peace of mind walk into joy walk with a true heart, that will not be played by anyone like a child's plastic or stuffed toy.

Walk into full consciousness of what you were taught, it came all freely and nothing you wasn't told that it must be bought.

So as this year of 2017 arises over the horizon, open your heart and soul and let true love's light brighten.

Let true love show you the way, let true love show you it cares.

Let true love direct you, let true love mold you.

Let true love teach you well, that you can embrace others and never look at color but look at their true hearts as well :)

First and foremost I THANK MY LOVING  CREATOR AND FATHER GOD THE LOVER OF MY HEART because Of him I am here.
I THANK EACH AND EVERYONE ONE YOU :) It has been an honor to be blessed to be among such warm and true-hearted individuals and I appreciate every like, instant message, share, endorsement, email, view, comment, phone call, skype call, every kind gesture every precious word that you embodied in my soul, And I take this opportunity to tell everyone to always follow your truthful heart no matter what learn from your experiences and never give up be fearless and walk strong always knowing that you were given a life to live for a reason and that reason is because you have a purpose a destiny to do something great.
I look forward to our journey as we walk into 2017 to do more meaningful and truthful works.

Monday, 26 December 2016


Yes! Your Creator and Father Loves you and he does so a lot, with the genuineness of Love that is never bought as an item in sales of merchandise from a shop.

You know! It's genuine love from individuals that truly loves you, with a showing of care and appreciation of really having and knowing you.

Deep commitment from a heart's soul of love, sweet feelings that you should always have.

You would always know the individuals that truly love you deep from a heart and soul, and forget the ones that just carry a fake lie of love that they continually to falsely hold.

Stay close to genuine people and they will stay close to you, as you will help each other to do the things that the both of you really want and are meant to do.

Enjoy your life with the ones that genuinely care, and the others with false promises and lies just get them out of your life and your passages of ways.

Help yourself to enjoy you in the most meaningful truthful genuine and positive ways, you have a precious gift from Creator Father God Yes! His breath of life to help you enjoy your days in each and every way.  

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Life On Living Pastures

Life is made to live the breath of life is a gift to live in the most meaningful way,to love one another and show each other genuine care.

It is now to throw away like stale news, it is about you turning an old page in life as you go into the new.

Life is about gaining ground and let the trueness of love play in your heart of soul like a sweet tune of a song.

It is about helping someone from the ground when they are weary and not strong enough to stand.

Life is about helping your brother man up and never to push them further in the sand.

It is about loving yourself and everyone, and as far as the ones that hurt you to always forgive and walk your path peacefully along.

Life is about gaining your independence of way and strength,where ever you may go north-east-south or west.

It is about keeping your heart of soul whole, to never follow individuals with bad negative ways that want you to follow their words of direction in communication when to you they are told.

Life is about being happy inside,and who wants to input on that happiness and are worthy to will input without being cruel abusive or come with lies.

So always try to gain your strong sturdy ground ,keep peace and the love of faith and hope inside and lovingly walk along :)


A relaxed feeling comes over you you've dream't of this before,it fills you and surrounds you and in your face it starts to show.

To be at peace to enjoy everyday and to see the beauty of it all,winter-spring-summer and fall :) 

Thursday, 10 November 2016

A Calming Of Self

Turn off the outer world and it's disruptive noise.

Turn off the mind of false confusions and gain yourself a peaceful poise.

Turn off the negative echoes the disrupting frictions and the false mind's way of confusion.

Turn off all the world of deception and the false ways of it's delusions.

Turn off the blank living with the days of eyes that unconsciously gaze.

Turn on the inner strength's mobility to with stand each and every passing day.

Turn on full self control of your mind's positive guiding of way.

Turn up the volume of your inner heart's soul of true authentic ways.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Never Take On Panic Never Take On Fear- It Is Not The Only And True Loving Living God's Way.

I can say that I know my Creator God I trust him and I have faith In him and the love that I have for him can not compare to any other.

As always ” Don't Panic! No Fear is in effect .

It is not fear and panic that Creator wants to entrust with his people , it's a true and loving relationship with him in love, strength, guidance, a faith of hope and consciousness of aware .

It's time that individuals listen to God's true voice to know what kind of God he is and cherish him for his Love and protective ways.

My life is in God's hands and Yes! He showed me and I know and I would have it no other way, I have a relationship with God, not a religion of or with him.

My creator molded me and I have faith that he will keep me safe,as his love and directions are keeping me today this 48 years that I am on this earthly realm.

Mankind needs to understand that yes! Things will happen but it's never to put fear or panic in anyone, malicious entities the enemy and his agents is behind most calamities that you see or hear,just to put a fear panic of confusion into individuals lives.

Anyone that really knows God will know what he is about when it comes to his love of ways and his children .

God said; “Have no fear I am with you always I will never leave you nor forsake you”.

This is his promise and I can say that I saw and know that his promise was at work all my life.

Things are happening in world, but just like a seedling in a big forest where huge trees gradually fall from elements, the seedling always braced itself because it's roots are firm and grounded in strong soil, and that seedling grows up and becomes bigger than any other tree,that is what strength is to bare, to grow and to rise despite whatever may be going on around you.

You should never get yourself embedded in in world's wayward ways but always focus on your true and only source of living and life.

Right now television,radio,newspapers and some other elements of media is channeling fear lies and deceit to intimidate confuse and corrupt individuals minds their well-being and living by their uncouth ways.

Always focus on your true source of existence the true source of Love and life in this changing and evolving world.

Earth is a living matter and she sheds her unwanted skin ,in terms of dirty deviant weeds of lice that seem sometimes to get embedded in her way.

And as always those awaken will know when she is naturally shedding and know when false manipulation is trying to be copied off her.

God's way is so different from what some individuals speculate God is for Love Peace and never War,God is for helping up not throwing down his loving people.

A lot of individuals need to know the difference between God and the Devil(Satan) ways.

And they must be able to decern and interpret dreams for what they really are,in terms of what they see as to know the meaning behind each picture of the way.

I have no doubt that they are individuals out there who had an encounter with God's Sovereignty, his presence in a mighty way,to know and understand what he is really about.

With this world of manipulations ways some wayward individuals have tapped into more channeling of devious directions,and some have gained forces with the unseen.

But that doesn't mean that you should bow down to them there is only one true living loving God and anything else will be just an imposter trying to gain entry in a wayward world of the way to gain dominance with fear and panic distributions to manipulate individuals with their schemes.

This way of some individuals trying to put fear in everyone is just a devious way of contempt that is being used.

And individuals should notice they reaction before and after hearing or seeing some event of calamity by how they react, hearts pounding with fear-confusion-panic is just an entity of fear confusion and panic that just put itself into position in your life.

A focus calm posture is your creator always Yes! Protecting you and keeping you calm and safe.

Throughout the would there are billions of individuals who I know had an encounter of truthful experience with Creator God that showed them his true love of way as to know the difference.

It's like a seed planted to grow for you to know to be align recognized and know his true way,and today a lot of you need to learn from it because that is what he is asking for you to do,to know him and his true way he is not of fear and pànic or confusion, but always about Love of a true way,please recognize his way.

By now everyone should notice that whenever some sort of calamity happens or some strange individual come around.

How wild panicking with so much fear of confusion falls on them that they can not focus on anything, help themselves or help anyone, as they just walk or run around in a crazy frenzy state of being.

Then they are the awaken ones that know the true source of their existence, and they are calm and always positioned in a strong standing being of a way, you know why?

They know the true source of their life and his true way :)

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Don't Be The Judge, The Jury And The Prosecutor.

"Never Judge Anyone By Their Past,Individuals Do Learn,Some Do Change And Yes! Some Move On To Be A Better Person Of Themselves". ~Marcelle Hinkson

Yes! Exactly! Everyone learns and some do identify the true part of themselves some way on life's roads.

Some may want to argue this concept but you know what? Maybe those are the ones that haven't fully changed.

I'm just saying, so audience please no trolling today or any other day Okay! :))

As I was saying, some do learn, they changed and modify themselves from their past behaviors.

So Yes! Change is evident among some ,while others tend to remain the same because of still not finding themselves to merge with their true heart to disallow the tainted heart of ways.

I can say that, the changed ones find it very easy to walk away from the nuscience of noise etc and just be who they are in a true heart, they also see that it's a waste of time, energy and it's not meaningful to waste one's life on ignorant aspects of ways, individuals or circumstances.

Being tested is a good tool to show oneself that they are in full control of themselves, and Yes! The test come daily from everyday life.

But still the changed ones are always in full effect and control.

As they find themselves as I said, walking away and being the better person that avoids a rapid situation.

And I can tell you this today because I can relate to this quote.

I always try to embrace my positive true change and try to stay away from any commotions of any kind.

And for the individuals out there what I can tell you also is,if you see good changes in others well embrace their changes .

But where no change is evident only continuos ignorance of an ignorant display well by all means, that will be evidence of the relevance for you to walk away.

Monday, 22 August 2016

You're Fired?

In this world of societies with individuals in all areas of ways some can say that they know these words quite well, and they can say that it helped them up and a testimony some of them can tell.

Hearing the words, ” You're Fired! Broadcast in your face and ears,What is it? Is it a brain trick? Do it put your mind and heart on alarm with a loud noise that immediately goes tick- tick- tick?

Some get shocked by these words and seemed never to know what to do or say,they get blinded by these words and the words try to intimidate their way.

Others on the other hand just embrace them well as they look for a big severance cheque and the huge bank account that will remind them as each swipe of a card or writing a cheque to them will tell.

Some go on to different meaningful areas of life's workmanship to live their life beneficially well.

Hearing these words from an employer and feeling the way it is pushed out of mouth, sometimes leaves the individual that it is said to behaving like a little timid scared mouse.

Why do you get afraid? Is it the mouth of body, Is it the title of the somebody?

Well! I am going to input my view of these words about ” You're Fired ! These words that sometimes comes direct, don't ever let them intimidate you as you can find more relevant meaningful ways to get another pay cheque so don't fret.

What I can tell you is that you should face it don't be a scared little timid kitten,that runs away naked.

Know that you are full of awares, and know that you will get through all days.

You have life and true passages you will go,and you will achieve yourself and you will meaningfully grow.

You must always look at it this way that getting fired also comes as a inefficient closing door for some, and a new door will be opened gradually for you to meaningfully walk in or run.

So these words, ” You're Fired! Just put on the back burner and let them simmer down and dissolved real well, what the heck! You will soon get another -another and another yes! More to come in pay cheques :)

You have life to live and getting fired is not going to stop that,you will have another job and you will get bigger pay cheques :)

So don't ever get offset, it is how you will maneuver in ways,and it is also how you will make used of your time in the days.

It is the understanding road,that you will walk on for a full self potential of growth.

It is you putting your heart in the matter and continuing everyday, to help you achieve yourself to walk always in meaningful ways.

Opportunity always knocks,and sometimes getting fired is like an old key that unlocks a new lock.

That opens a golden door for you to step in, that puts you on true passages with full archievements that will put you to win :)

Written by

Marcelle Hinkson

Friday, 19 August 2016

Being The Original You.

To be the original you is a genuine way,and with uniqueness you will always carry in ways.

It is not bad,as you will never copy others to end up bewildered and sad.

You will do things the truthful way,and for copying the negative ways of others you will always stay clear.

You should know what in heart of soul that you should do, and that is to continue to be the unique genuine you.

You're unique in ways, and carry a heart that care.

Is a way that will always identify you, and you will always know what to and what not to do.

You will always follow you and follow the original way,to do what is right for you as you live each passing day.

You will never let anyone intimidate you,because you know the truth of what is best for you.

And that is the true and genuine way,and for all copying of falsehood you will not have a care.

Remember that you don't have to show yourself off because you will always stand out,you don't have to say to others come look at me with a photographic shout.

With truths the right you will always know,as you let your uniqueness continue to gracefully show.

You will manoueuver in life positively well,and you will also encourage others how to help themselves as well.

Written by

Marcelle Hinkson

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Rise To The Occasion Of A Bright New Day.

Raising out of bed as you take the pillow from under your head.

Step out in the air and breathe the breath of a fresh new day.

Looking out in yonder, as you have embraced another day of tomorrow.

A new day that has given birth , to direct you closer to your true potential of worth.

New beginning new light, a new heart feeling that you will always be Okay! Yes! Alright .

As you are guided in a true way, of guidance from a Loving Father that truly care.

The days has nothing to offer it is what you can offer it, it is the way you maneuver in passages and plays like a clock that ticks.

Days come and days go, but it is what you have or want to willingly do, share shower and show?

It's you giving ,sharing, loving and caring ,it's you empowering those that need help in guiding.

Some say " What does the day has to offer ? But again I say to you it is what you have to offer it.

Days go along without thinking and another day passes quickly, as the wind blows light and soft or bleakly.

Yes! It is you that is doing the offering,you that is making someone's heart of soul sweetly sing.

You that is making a way to enlighten individuals in your path of the way, so the next time you rise to the occasion and embrace a new day.

Always know what you are going to offer to individuals along the way, offer a true heart soul of sharing that has cares of wares in ways.

Know what you are going to share shower and show,with a loving light of soul's heart that continue to forever glow.

Know that you are the time ,that makes the day move in an essence of rhymes.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Enjoy Your Blessings And Utilized Them Well.

The breathe of life is a precious blessing and with this one you used,its not to be destroyed, neglected or abused.

Its for you to enjoy everyday as you wake up on each new day to see, the loving ways of nature family friends Yes! The way it is meant to be.

Blessings come in all forms of ways,physical, mental and spiritual and they align with you to help you do the things that you are mandated to do.

Yes! To help you out in life ways, they will help you out day by day.

Sweet blessings from the highest on high above ,sent by hands of heart of a Father's Love :)

Favor are blessing and some individuals get a great lot,a help in some ways from someone that you know or knows not :)

But favor are always blessings and flows in so much ways,they help you up when you need a helping hand in some way.

And with a financial blessing of a physical blessing you will always get what you need,you see financial blessings always goes to who do good and never ones with greed.

So as the tusami wave of blessing begins and continue to flow, utilized your blessings well and let them continue to grow.

Spread your roots far and wide,let your branches reach for the stars in the sky.

Blossom and bloom,and continue to do what you were destined to do.

And always remember that this is your time your stars has align its the time that was made for you :)

Continue to expand, as you lovingly bless your brotherman.

Yes! With blessing of and from a truthful voice that continue to bare blessings from a helping heart of hand :)

A tusami wave of blessing is rolling in,and a substantial amount of blessings it's waves is about to bring in.

To find and deposit in each and every truthful heart of hand,that continues to Lovingly help their brother man :)

A mighty flow, that will continue to grow and always expand in ways,to the massive of individuals that carry hearts full of cares.

So great! All blessings are being delivered to all those who with faith of truthful loving hearts, hoped each day and patiently waited.

Yes! The days of blessing are coming with the waves to show you Yes! You have made it.

So enjoy and gratefully and wisely use it :)

No one or nothing can not stop this tusami wave of blessings that is about to flow,as they will only see that it only will continue to massively grow :)

Written by

Marcelle Hinkson

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Stick To Your Regime .

Always stick to your regime of a true and peaceful Loving way, continue doing good and don't ever let the trolling of trollers offset your way.

Never get fustrated ,as all that the trollers do is loaded with much hatred.

Do not ever downgrade yourself and get on like them,throwing back the ignorance of replys and act ignorant like them.

You know! In this world there is positive and negative and when you are on a positive way, the negative will also try to gain its way.

But always remember that you are so much stronger than you and they know, you are standing on the brightest of light that illuminates brighter than any other light that shows.

You stand on a strong and sure foundation with light as your helmet and truth as your sword.

And with this kind of standing the negatives of trollers or the wayward ways of world will never get a hold.

Massive material of articles of truth,the heart of souls protruding but never like nukes.

With positive truths of wares all the true hearts will gain in ways.

To maneuver on passages with the lightness of voice,to always get the works done without the ignorance of a demanding voice.

Its a tune up a showing up a dismantling of tools you bare, a correcting a directing to all those individuals that somehow lost their way.

Voices of heart soul of truths, always stick to your regime and continue to do what you know you should truly do.

No one is able to stand in your way,because all true hearts of souls carry hearts that is seeded with true authentic wares.

So continue to show Love and care everywhere,brighten the darkness of places and fill individuals with much consciousness of full awares :)

Written by

Marcelle Hinkson

Monday, 25 July 2016

Everything Will Always Be Working In Truthful Ways.

Never be disappointed never fret,alway know that what is for you,you will certainly get.

Your name is written in the stars with a magnitude of meaningful wares,with the necessities of processions and the Loving way of cares.

This is what is called new,when everything that was stolen will be given right back to you.

Everything that was taken from you in the past,will be given back to you with the finest of class.

Truthful positioning truthful ways truthful heart soul teachings in many ways.

A mandate for greatness as destined by God, your Loving Father and Creator who keep holding you up with the strength of never to fall.

An obedient servant with pure Love of being,that connects to soul hearts when in their presence from a true heart they to will always see.

Know that everything will always be working in truthful ways,your heart is the mandate that is full with rewards from cares :)

New path of turf with the greenist of green new from birth.

A true carpet of delight,that echoes in true ways of light :)

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Continue To Do What Is Right .

Never fall and sway,never try deliberately to stray away.
Always continue to do what is right,as you walk your everyday true path of way that is so bright.
Things in life happens for a reason and Yes! As some things go up they will come down.
As the truth will show up all the lies that has been deceiving individuals in the world all around.
It's always for individuals to show up the errors of world and never to willing do bad and join in.
It's for everyone to walk on their paths truthfully and at the end always win.
This is a time of deliverance to cleanse everyone of bad ways,to put and push paths of enlightenment as each person walk their true being of potential path ways of awares.
To move and to be always aware to dictate meaningful things to others as each word to you is being said.
So continue with good ways of passages the ones that for you was made.
Always push forward to achieve what you have to achieve.
Always show truthfulness and let others know what true Love of consciousness really means.
Everything is already set and put in place for everyone to walk their secured and truthful path of ways.
As you're guided by will and by a Father's Loving heart of hand that is patiently still.
Helping others everyone should know and do.
And its never for them to take up man made weaponry to try to destroy you.
It's a changing a making a coming of something new.
It's a breaking and a pushing of full meaningful passages meaning truthfully for you.

Sunday, 12 June 2016


A pushing of a story tale ,with sometimes help from others and yourself that makes your life well made.

Adapting to a way of positive ways,of living the right way and try never to stray.

A believing of a need,to have patience,commitment, hope and never greed.

Just to comply with a way,that will direct you to truthful passages and never ones with lies but always care.

Life is an entry dock that at birth you get to stop, a masterpiece of safety with each day of the turning of the clock.

You birth,and you walk your pathway of turf.

To gain entry of a true way, that is your destiny way with full awares.

To always flow with conscious awares to be strong and hold on,to the good things that will eventually come.

It's about always having patience and never falling weakly to the ground, as you will get what is needed bit by bit as you go along.

Yes! Life has it's tribulations and challenges but these are just tools for your life living of trade.

You are not meant to get angry or for your brotherman show or hold hate.

Life is a passage a dimension that you go through,a gateway of knowledge to help you find the meaning of and for the true you.

All strengthening tools to keep you up standing fearless and tall.

With truthful consciousness awareness of understanding so that you would never fall .

Gifts are given on passages of ways that benefit you with caring ways to teach you to understand,as to get through life from the helping of your own hands.

Always gather information that will help you,a passport to travel in life to know what you must do.

Tools are never meant to hurt you or make you fall,but are put in your passage of way to leave you victorious,fearless,consciously aware and to also remind you to keep standing tall.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Always Try To Keep A Peaceful Way.

Always block out the confusing noise of  wayward world, and stand with the wares that you bare.
Stand in your authoritative motion and empower everyone everywhere.
Keep peace always with you just let it surround you as it flows in the air.
Making a sense of serenity as it flows to individuals everywhere.
Let peace abide,and your loving ways never hide.
As good truthful ways are embedded in you, to do the work that you were destined to do.
You see! Peace allows you to walk your passage without being mad or upset.
It makes a way for you to flow through as individuals in your path a peaceful feeling their to will get.
So keep peace always inside and always control and calm your stressful thinking thoughts of heart and being.
Let your peaceful presence flow always through as your peaceful stance will be felt and seen.
The immaculate way of standing that never sways or break,the momentum of true understanding of a truthful heart's intake.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Going Forward In Self Reliance

Doing what is needed to continue to put you on a life's stand,always be coherent to hold the right tools of meaningful ways that life has placed in your hands.
Being able to guide them on the path that they were meant to be using,your wisdom knowledge of understanding with much self dedication to wisely see each direction.
Life does have it ups and it's downs but its for every individual to do what meaningful things they must,to continue living with means of way Yes! The truthful passionate ways of trust.
When one sit and studies a tainted world of life,with errors one may think that they can not get through,but what I can tell you is that the voice is fear's manipulation of lies it will be saying to you.
You see! If you have a strong will power of hope faith and determination to go on that is the boost that will help push you through,as to know in heart what it is you should and shouldn't do.
True doors will open and will continue to be opened for you to enter at will,with the showing of a light of meaning that will burn meaningfully still.
To go on to more passages with the stillness of full cause,that continues to help you gather produce of life without a stopping of useless pause.
Life always has a gateway that put one unto new standing where ever in life you may be at,whether you're on an indecisive way the love of life will always have your back.
A door is always opened for you to just step in,and when you look with heart's eyes you will see much paths with wonderful meanings.
Greater better more things to get,stronger braver as you walk and take another step.
Always on forward and up and never again will you fall down,this is your time always and forever Yes! The time you have been waiting on for so long :)
So use it passionately and do the things that is needed to be done,greater is coming Yes! There is so much more for you to get more and more and then some :)
Do what you know in heart of soul you passionately truly Love to do, close the doors to meaningless old and open the doors to meaningful new.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

How To Understand And Live In True Ways.

Understanding Life Of Living

In life everyone can see what is going on in world the discrepancies the needs and the greed and the will to make it through life in positive ways.
And walking with the right and truthful understanding of heart will help you to achieve as you go forward and take part.
In life living of ways that you will embrace to do the positive things that you have to do, as it's never about trying to copy anyone but it's about you always being the true you.
Some might think because some things in world seems to be going the wrong way that they should just give up or never care, but it's best to understand that some things are going to make you stronger to be the best of you that you can be and it doesn't make any sense, to let the wayward ways of world get to you as you know that you have a heart that is always true.
To control your doubtful thinking of you not having the strength to go on, as strength lives in every boy girl woman and man, and it's just for every individual to get along to know their strength inside as it will be the direction Yes! The guidance of the guide.
Anyone can live in world but it's how they correspond, in the positive way or negative way will always show where you are from.
If you are willing to make peace or if you want to make war, if you have Love in your heart of hand or if you have a bloody sword.
It's always the decision a will power to choose to understand the passage of ways you decide to take and if it's one that will make you loose as to make a mistake.
Test are all given and everyone will eventually learn from them, and some are very easy and some go around until they come to an end.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

How To Show Your True Emotion And Let Others See Who You Truly Are.

Why hide your true friendly emotions when the most important thing is trying to be as true to yourself as you will also be to others?And the best way is to let your inner light always shine,don't ever let the bad ways of life off set you in no way shape or form, always try to keep yourself calm and at peace and never let anyone or anything offset your inner peace.Never let them stay stifled and hidden as letting them out will make you feel really conscious with care.Try to maintained a smile every time you get as you let your inner self free to glow.Things may happened in life but that doesn't mean that you should carry an attitude of feelings of negative ways,always make yourself happy and keep a positive smile on your face.Never try to be angry at any cost of meaningful ways as they will only put you in a meaningless pause as you will end up walking around with angry feelings and emotions on face that will meet individuals as you walk around the place,so try sharing a smile today a true smile of feeling emotion that will delete the bad ways.

To Have And Hold Or to Let Go ?

When you take another by the hand and commit thyself to them.

And in bad relationships of marriage when does "I Am Done", I Am Finished And I Want A Divorce", step in do you know when?

The Conclusion

Yes! There are so many marriages done today and most have finished in days or months and what I really want to ask is "Why do individuals play these fake love games?
Why do they pretend to love someone maybe for fame fortune finances of prestige, why do they jump to get married to the individual out of selfish greed?
And some Yes! Knowing the person just days,and wedding bells are heard suddenly in hears.
Marriage today is not what being married is about as some have so much abuse and some have so much illegal ties you'll think that you are lasing shoes.
Tell me! What is happening in marriages today when individuals confess their love to each other and after a few days or months they just throw the marriage away?

How Being Single Is Okay!

Being Single The Independent Way.

As long as you are independent this way will work out just fine, as it gives one more time to reflect on life.
And you will sustain a life that is always affordable to your growth.
Time Usage.
Use your time wisely as you reflect and engage in productive ways and in life always Love enjoy and get accustomed to your own company.
Try and do the things that is positive to do, the ones beneficial to you that will also put your mind at ease and surround you with much needed peace.
You know! There are so many things that you can do to occupy yourself with you.
Choose Your Friends Wisely.
Surround yourself with friends who can positively build you up,Yes! True friends that care always about your welfare.

How You Can Feel The Aspects Of True Ways.

What About Feelings?

How you can feel the aspects of ways and find the individuals who truly care.
The ones with hearts full of light that hug talk or look at you and make things all right.
The individuals with so much need that is willing to assist your every plea.
In the most Loving and Truthful way that always carry caring wares.
Some individuals that take a stand to help Yes! Their brother man to survive to the max as they are never involved with the asking of money or for their assistance to pay them any pending tax.
You know the right way is the right way and that is what true hearts always do.
They help in relevant ways the things they need to do.
So when I see these individuals with feelings that is full of light, I hold on to them tightly as I give them a hug so tight.
Meeting individuals like this is a special bliss as they always get to show, true caring hearts that is always lighted with love and glow.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Doing Good.

It's always all truthful hearts of individual's hands on deck and not giving someone a helping hand and in return ask them for money or a cash cheque.

Individuals doing good never hurt anyone,it's only Loving and caring aspects of ways that must and should be done.

It's helping someone out,and for the ones that hate what you're doing don't say a word or even waste your precious energy and to them don't even shout.

As it's you knowing your own true heart of way and taking directions it planned,it's you going all the ways of passages you have to go always with a true heart soul of hand as you truthfully embrace your brother man.

On a direction to see more growth,as you let them see and know the trueness of their worth.

To go on strong and aware in their lives,and not to give up or let world life's ways cut them like sharp knifes.

And Yes! As you would realized sometimes when ever someone is doing good the bad mouths always seems to show,but you know what? Don't ever be afraid and from your true works never let go.

As always hot stale wind always needs to be release so let from their mouths the stale wind blow,you see they can not move the unmovable for sure :) 

As your strong standing will dissolved them like ice, melts in hot heat to water and to try it again they will have to think more than twice :)

Their words will go in the oblivion that it is meant to go because with your true standing of way no one can not touch thee,you were destined to help others and get them in awareness to get them set free.

You know sometimes when you are doing good others will seemed to have bad things to say,but as the troll that they come with,just shut them up and chase them and they will run away.

And for the trolling person you can always tell them from the fruits that they are bearing as their fruits like them will wither away as you see or hear the selfish words from them all the negative words that they will continue try saying.

So always stand fearless true strong bold and sturdy and know to whom you belong and work for, those individual's negative words can not even touch you whether they are near or far.

Always embrace your true heart of way,and the individuals that you know in heart of soul needs Loving care to find their way.

You see now or at the end it's only your Creator and Father God that can judge you,and if he is for you no one else can be against you :)

This is a big world and Yes! Some individuals out there is struggling and instead of trying to help put a rope around their necks,people need to put them on solid pavements and take them up from the paths of ground that is dirty soggy and wet.

You know! My thing is help someone to help someone to help someone up ,a true Love ripple of effect,it's not for anyone to give help and ask that person for cash for the help you give them or they get.

As it's a true heart helping way,and true Love wares they always ripple in self awares.

So to ask someone that is down for some financial cash,is just like you picking up a piece of wood and giving them a hard lash.

Doing good is you the individual doing what you must ,from a passionate heart that carries love knowledge wisdom of understanding's caring trust .