Thursday, 31 March 2016

Loved Or Cemented

Loved or Cemented which is your wear, that you hold suited on self Yes! That you wear each day ?
Are you soft with Love,a truthfulness and it's smoothly caring suave?
Are you mixed with clayment and carry a heart that is hard like cement?
Hmm! Which way do you carry today, that makes others look maybe in care or wayward ways?
Individuals are all around, and when you feel their vibes they tend to loudly shout out.
Yes! I've met and know of some, that when you feel them you would think that you would go numb.
The hard vibes from their hearts, would make an old stick dark .
As it's just a cold hard way,that you can feel without any care.
As some feel like cement in a solid state, that hardens immediately in the sun when baked.
And then there are some that when you see them the sense of feel, will have you like a fish that intentionally jumps on a baited fishing reel :)
Oh what a bliss, as they flow with Love surrounding's that you don't ever want to miss :) 
So I am asking today ,"What is your wear, are you sealed in Love or cemented hard careless and tough with a hardness of heart as your outter wear ?

Tuesday, 29 March 2016


Forgive and forget and never do the revenge to regret.
Forgive others and free your heart,and let peace abide as Love flow show and take part.
To forgive someone that did you wrong to look at them in their face and say " I forgive you for all the bad you have done to me! I am strong in heart and now I'm setting you and my sad prisoned heart free .
To forgive someone and put everything to rest, as you take the burdens and the heaviness off your heart walls of chest.
To forgive from the heart and Yes! Sometimes you and others will part but look at it this way,you have to forgive to show a true heart that cares.
Don't ever worry it will be Okay as some individuals will go for a reason, you see dead weight in your life is not good to carry along in this season.
And with them the problems will be all gone,Yes! That you carry in your heart suit case for so very long.
The burdens of grudge envy and hate,that you carried with you in life,and never took a time out or a break.
So find it in your heart today,to let forgiveness in and throw out the grudge and envious ways.
Yes! Forgive that person or way,that had you lock up in angry grudgeful wares.
Release them from your heart,and in life make a truthful start.
When you release the unwanted wear your heart will be clear, and hold Love vibes of good waves that will flow from your heart always in your way.
You will not have to worry about grudge or anger that had you growing so cold, that wanted to keep you in life living angry fretful with grudge and alone as you grow old.
Maybe you will meet someone today,that will say something truthful to brighten up your day as it sends Love of good vibes and a smile your way.
Maybe it will be a forgiveness of way to you,as someone show a heart of truths :) 

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Take Life One Day at a Time.

Each book of years each different days,each memory you get to carry on in full awares.
And you get to live on,walking on your turf of path way for so very long.
One day at a time one step walking in rhyme .
One beautiful day to enjoy, to avoid anyone or a bad moment that your day would want to spoil.
As the day opens up to a new,the freshness of beautiful greenery and nature is always in view.
A way to depict each passing day,as it makes an entrance always in your way.
And as you walk your new day don't let anyone pull you into their storms, but pull them into your peace Yes! The peaceful way you continue to walk with for so long.
Don't fuss don't fret,just take one day at a time the breath of life that each day you get.
To manouver on this earthly realm Yes! Earth, to wear your positive wares in all your worth :)
As the day's timing is already set,and it's for you to never get upset.
But to continue one day,at a time and always live you life in a positive way.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

An Authors Guideline.

Being an author is not for everyone its a distinctive feature that one adapts to be a writer and an author.

As one would put it,  ‘‘ A Passion one has been endowed with’’.
It's a gift of understanding brought on from birth to maturity an evolution of evolving words.
The necessity to listen to one's voice within and adapt to an intriguing exploration of words that dominates one's intellect of character to becomes words of passage.
Meaninging words produced not by thinking but by soul and heart.
As one reflects one's passion of creativity to produced works of art that coincides with the production of a published book or article of contents.
As one's story should be interesting one could changed up the contents into an awareness of theme aspects if one choose to do so.
One should always based a story on something alighting and always trust one's intuwhsion when writing a book or an article if one does not trust one's writing why write at all ,always have good motives for writing.
As a young writer or author one must be still and listen for one's words of context, when writing distractions one definitely don't need,it's all about keeping one's head on always.
It's only when one has experienced the method of attentiveness to one's voice that one will be able to balanced the distractions so that they would not be distracting, one would then begin to see distractions as a mere echoe in the background.
You see as a young author or writer there tend to be a lot of distractions when one sits down to write.

One has to do is minimized the distractions and quiet one's surroundings, so as to hear one's words of context that is being produced by the inner voice, it's something like an archeologists uncovering stories.
Some authors need peace  and quiet to make their words flow easily instead of straining to hear their voice of words.
Some used soft instrumental music some ambient  music to calm themselves and yes this  kind of procedure works sometimes.
I can also work through this kind of procedure but all in all I prefer silence as I get a lot more done in a short space of time.
One should always let the words flow as one would adapt and be attentive to the voice of words, without distractions of any kind.
And guess what? One will then be able to produced a good book or article based on one's content of retrieval.
So continue to listen to and hear one's words and don't let one's muse come and go, always listen for the low voice not the high voice , as a lot is also driven by mood, always position oneself to be attentive to one's standing.
Listen to the heart soul voice of words rather than the mind words, as mind words sometimes confused the operation, just arranged your surroundings to suit.
It's a bit different from how some may think , but I am speaking based on what I experienced as a writer and author.
And as one meets other writers and authors one would see how different each one approach the craft.
A young writer or author may do what I called "Surfing" to find out what really makes an author or writer tick and produced works of elements, but one should and must adapt to one's own style and expertise, as a writer or author.
Everyone is different and what works for me may not necessarily work for you, it also has to do with experienced and what makes one tick to produced works of art.
There are a lot of writers and authors out there and yes a lot of books and articles, some fictitious some not.
Authors and writers also tend to based their writing on experienced as guidelines to produced good work.
Some based theirs on events amending political or other, it's a diverse of methods that are used to produced works of contents. 
Some on the other hand just used their imagination to write a fantasize world of words to produced their work.
That method does not work for me as I find myself adapting more to positive awareness in truth as all positive aspects highlight my writing and author skills.
It's a passion that I have been endowed with and I will continue to write and produced as my voice continues to distribute words of contents. 
As, "My writing passion no one can tear, my writing passion just makes one aware" :)

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

The Telepathic

The telepathic way is and was already in existence years ago and is known and unknown to mankind.
 The strategies that  Mr Zuckerberg  and others have brought to the forefront and that has been highlighted is just a mere means of depicting the telepathic way as an area of view as to open a window to it's existence.
The mere fact that knowledge of conversations can now be directed by a glance, thought or intrusion of one's mind or description of an individual being focused on a said person to exhibit a communication talk line is not a mystery but a mere discovery to a way that was already in existence long before time began.
A tuning in to the mind in ways of silent speech of conversation is a momentum of wise and accurate communication.
Texting is another way of telepathic communication but with a difference as the individuals used a canal of devices of technology to make their voice of passage heard and read.
It's a mind to mind connection of the telepathic way with a challenge of a technological device in the forefront of conversation.    
The telepathic is a universal language and is the way to the inner and outer world conversation passage of communications.

Committed Ways?

In a diverse world of possibilities the average man and woman now find themselves challenging relationships in areas of commited ways.
The trend of some individuals not looking for a steady relationship but just basing their emotions on a fling is just a mere illusion of the mind.
Males and females have opted out of having a steady relationship because of the challenges of the challenge of a steady commitment.
The diverse possibilities of work, independence and freedom being the basis for some not indulging in a more commited relationship with another.
Responsibilities also comes into play as some look at the responsibilities of adding another or other's with needs into their life and future endeavors.
But the challenge should not be fighting a commited relationship but should be embracing it first hand.
To be grounded with an individual with unique perspectives of life and to live and carry true benefits of love and to adhere to the meaning of two being commited to each other dispite what should be more than enough to challenge life and what it has to offer.
Two individuals who see eye to eye and know what they want with an understanding of self growth,a future,love and committed ways is more than enough to start the right standing for a commited relationship.
Running from a commited relationship is not a challenge it's a paused as there is someone out there for everyone it's just a matter of finding your suitable partner and living with a cause in procedures and precisions.
Some may choose to be single by ways only their can comprehend and it's not a sin to be single but hey life is here to live and enjoy in the most positive ways with or with out a partner.
As the road to commitment is always finding that true source that has the potential for true and commited ways.
And the search may or may not be in progress as it's for you the individual to decide what you want out of life and to determined what challenges you will or will not take.
As the decisions is always yours as the individual to make that's why the "Will Power" is still standing.

Mind Emergence

A criteria that evaluates the mind with direct distances of feed.-Marcelle Hinkson
That equips one with intellectual matters for a caused with much need.
The epic of tuning where the mind evolves to full maximum potentials.
Never a disconnection because of very strong coherent ways that pushed past,and throw the useless of passages and through the undesirable maze to always identify it's lucent and empowering ways.
"Mind Emergence" a practical choice given only to few, changing the errors of things and bringing in the new.
An immaculate way to distinguished good from bad with unique understanding and a wisdom guide to knowledge that eliminates errors and put them on limelight so other's can see as the errors are brought to light.

Territorial Ambition

Are you restricting your desires to achieved by doubting yourself and your creative aspects?
Talent lays within everyone but it's the way and the direction that one directs they talent that allows them to be able to be seated in an achievement chair.
There are a lot of doubting Thomases out there who continued to doubt their abilities to achieved and soar into and onto higher pastures of passages.
I always say that "Independence breaks the chains of doubt", and one must always have independence in them selves to go to the next level.
No one knows the altitudes of height they can fly unless they try, as always it's try and try until you succeed.
And who don't want to be tested in areas of expertise?
But how would one know the magnitude of one's talent if they don't try?As I said,"Hidden talents lays within everyone and having the ability to lock into one's talent to bring it to light in an evolving alliance is what makes your ambition grow.
And no doubt will be able to present itself in one's mind,as one will be walking with the mentality of ,"I know I can do it and I will try".
And this mentality is good for the heart,soul and mind as these words will continue to be a push of motivation to push one into new aspects of areas of talent.
Finding one's place is essential,just knowing one's ability ,using one's talent will continue to be more gratifying when one can lock into them selves and used the keys of confidence,independence and resistance to unlock the chains of doubt.

A Reasonable Reason

Everyone say that everything happens for a reason and yes it does,one might not see the reason in the beginning but the reason for the caused is always there,one just have to wait to the end to see it.
A reasonable caused an introduction to life's basic needs of self worth anticipated by a mere patient mind of an individual who waits for a reason behind a caused.
Everyone looks for a reason behind everything that happens in their lives ,an answer and  a caused.
But answers always comes unexpected when one is not looking for them ,and they shows themselves.
In life and in business it's all a ''Reason'' behind a caused, why you do things and why things are done ,all has a reason for presenting itself.
The best thing is to wait for the caused behind the reason then one can anticipate one's growth ,to go forward without question.
You know ''Things that happened in your past help accelerate you to your future.
-Marcelle Hinkson.