Tuesday, 8 March 2016

A Reasonable Reason

Everyone say that everything happens for a reason and yes it does,one might not see the reason in the beginning but the reason for the caused is always there,one just have to wait to the end to see it.
A reasonable caused an introduction to life's basic needs of self worth anticipated by a mere patient mind of an individual who waits for a reason behind a caused.
Everyone looks for a reason behind everything that happens in their lives ,an answer and  a caused.
But answers always comes unexpected when one is not looking for them ,and they shows themselves.
In life and in business it's all a ''Reason'' behind a caused, why you do things and why things are done ,all has a reason for presenting itself.
The best thing is to wait for the caused behind the reason then one can anticipate one's growth ,to go forward without question.
You know ''Things that happened in your past help accelerate you to your future.
-Marcelle Hinkson.  

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