It's a Self Healing a Soul pleasing of gratitude as one commits to their true self Yes!

It's finding your true self as you fight off the false controller, to gain full control of your being and go on to be the genuine you to see more clearer.

Forgiving other's forgetting worries and ways that in life try to display bad ways of no cares, that put you in bad states of mind and wears of attire with you never being aware. 
You need a conscious awakening that makes your outer eyes see the inner eyes ways of how your life is meant to be.
Yes! Truthful eyes that will make you continue to see, that you are much stronger than you know and never weak .
I know a lot of individuals out there needs a " Self Healing" so many of them had and still have so much pain that took them to their knees.
And what I'm about to tell you will help you to not only put your minds but will also set your hearts free and at ease.
As it's the "Self Healing way that makes your heart and soul care.
A multitude method that helps the individuals minds to rest , from all the tension and pains of life from a mate-family-husband-work- others or a wife from the hurtful ways that also caused stress.
From all the pain of life you had endure that they say they couldn't take anymore.
You know a Self Healing works to the best, and eventually each and everyone of you will find out that in life everything is a test.
To make you stronger and go on in life to a special place, without a pause of time being waste.
You'll see that the passages of ways that you thought you should not take, is the notes for pages that you will write about and your books of experiences individuals will read and intake.
As you describe to others the things you did in your life of ways, when you found that some individuals in life for you didn't care.
A Self Healing is the healing from inside, that helps you to be consciously aware let's you free your heart and opened your eyes wide.
To see that it's you that exist and it was no coincidence or a wish.
It's your path that you have to walk and some problems can be solved with good communication when sought.
You will know the way of letting go of people and pain, in your life of confusion that try to gain.
You will heal your mind heart body and soul as you embrace true Love and for misery let go.
You will gained peace to see that it all starts from inside, you will gained understanding that will continue to keep your eyes opened wide.
And you will be healed from the world of life's disruptive ways, and you will see the necessity for true Love and it's caring ways.
As you will be healed from the tainted hearts, as all sorrow will cease as to never be a part.
And for your new life that you begin to care, walking with a body of new functioning wears.
Confidence a strong heart mind and soul fearlessness that nothing on your mind could never hold.
Never a way to doubt or think of yourselves bad, never to cry again over bad day of ways you had.
And with a strong heart that when you think back of individuals of world treatment and bad lies, will never bring a tear from you because now you know the meaning of "Wise"
And you'll find that your heart is not the heart you had before, as foolishness you are not going to take anymore.
The hurt of ways the misery of world's life, the selfish individuals and the ones with much strife.
Will not be able to ever touch your heart because Genuine Love is with you and now you are a part of a special way that protects your heart with care.
Yes! Your heart will be protected by a heart's golden shield to keep out the unnecessary roots of tainted weeds.
Strength Faith endurance that cares , a strong mind with a no nonsense attitude that carry true Love ways.
Pain will exit and go through the door, as you pass your test it can not touch you anymore .