Tuesday, 8 March 2016

A Truthful Voice Of Soul.

 Shh listen to it's loving talk touch ,it has a loving feel that you always embraced and love so much.
So listen well to whatever your truthful voice of soul has to tell.
And always maneuver  in ways because it's genuine and carry all truthful aspects of wears.
The Truthful Voice of Soul is an emasculate tool that never die or grow old.
It's the tool within with a clarity of a truthful voice and true essence it always bring.
With a heart of gold and so much knowledge, wisdom and understanding it holds.
Just let it flow as it's a guide with a truthful heart that knows the way to go.
Appreciate your truthful voice of soul and don't run from it.
Don't suppress it,don't arrest it just leave it and never try to tye it down.
Just leave it and let it show you the right paths to go on.
As it flows and goes out far and expands for so long.
The true inner voice of wear can help with torns and tears.
An immaculate tool of distinction that is worn by all.
But some never listen to it's awakening call.
They deliberately avoid what it is saying and go to a path that was not a true way for entering.
The true voice of soul is about understanding and you will automatically know when you are on it's true standing.
Listen,feel and hear as you embraced its true loving voice touch.
The words every time it speaks, the silent strong voice of poised that's alive and always help the weak.
It moves and pushed bad elements out of the way,making you safe and suited on a good start of awares.
The truthful voice of soul is also a guardian guide,put away and secured but never afraid and never hides.
It makes it's presence known when you're lost and all alone.
And it helps build you up on feet of a stronger standing.
To be a helping hand with a  leadership's guiding.

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