Being an author is not for everyone its a distinctive feature that one adapts to be a writer and an author.

As one would put it,  ‘‘ A Passion one has been endowed with’’.
It's a gift of understanding brought on from birth to maturity an evolution of evolving words.
The necessity to listen to one's voice within and adapt to an intriguing exploration of words that dominates one's intellect of character to becomes words of passage.
Meaninging words produced not by thinking but by soul and heart.
As one reflects one's passion of creativity to produced works of art that coincides with the production of a published book or article of contents.
As one's story should be interesting one could changed up the contents into an awareness of theme aspects if one choose to do so.
One should always based a story on something alighting and always trust one's intuwhsion when writing a book or an article if one does not trust one's writing why write at all ,always have good motives for writing.
As a young writer or author one must be still and listen for one's words of context, when writing distractions one definitely don't need,it's all about keeping one's head on always.
It's only when one has experienced the method of attentiveness to one's voice that one will be able to balanced the distractions so that they would not be distracting, one would then begin to see distractions as a mere echoe in the background.
You see as a young author or writer there tend to be a lot of distractions when one sits down to write.

One has to do is minimized the distractions and quiet one's surroundings, so as to hear one's words of context that is being produced by the inner voice, it's something like an archeologists uncovering stories.
Some authors need peace  and quiet to make their words flow easily instead of straining to hear their voice of words.
Some used soft instrumental music some ambient  music to calm themselves and yes this  kind of procedure works sometimes.
I can also work through this kind of procedure but all in all I prefer silence as I get a lot more done in a short space of time.
One should always let the words flow as one would adapt and be attentive to the voice of words, without distractions of any kind.
And guess what? One will then be able to produced a good book or article based on one's content of retrieval.
So continue to listen to and hear one's words and don't let one's muse come and go, always listen for the low voice not the high voice , as a lot is also driven by mood, always position oneself to be attentive to one's standing.
Listen to the heart soul voice of words rather than the mind words, as mind words sometimes confused the operation, just arranged your surroundings to suit.
It's a bit different from how some may think , but I am speaking based on what I experienced as a writer and author.
And as one meets other writers and authors one would see how different each one approach the craft.
A young writer or author may do what I called "Surfing" to find out what really makes an author or writer tick and produced works of elements, but one should and must adapt to one's own style and expertise, as a writer or author.
Everyone is different and what works for me may not necessarily work for you, it also has to do with experienced and what makes one tick to produced works of art.
There are a lot of writers and authors out there and yes a lot of books and articles, some fictitious some not.
Authors and writers also tend to based their writing on experienced as guidelines to produced good work.
Some based theirs on events amending political or other, it's a diverse of methods that are used to produced works of contents. 
Some on the other hand just used their imagination to write a fantasize world of words to produced their work.
That method does not work for me as I find myself adapting more to positive awareness in truth as all positive aspects highlight my writing and author skills.
It's a passion that I have been endowed with and I will continue to write and produced as my voice continues to distribute words of contents. 
As, "My writing passion no one can tear, my writing passion just makes one aware" :)