Character is standing on a golden foundation of truthful worth , as your heart continues to give you a full potential of a true heart soul way from birth.
Character is like a tree that grows when it's roots are touch by raindrops of droplets that rained on its birthing bed, on its massive leaves of head.
From a rain's wet beating touch, but it never falls down because it's roots are embedded deep and lock tight like an  iron latch.
It's the suits you wear when faced with a situation or two, it's being bold strong and stand always doing the right thing, and never cry like a baby that needs tissues.
It's being a leader in the form as to know where and how you stand, it's taking hold of the weak and leading them gracefully by a truthful hand.
It's upholding a cause as to make it justify, it's the pushed of making it relevant as you whole heartedly try.
Building true character not noise, is a true heart felt choice.
It is a true heart committed to always persevere and do what is right, as you continue to go forward in a positive fight.
It's wears you bear with lucent meaningful ways, its always having the need to help others always with great care.
It's never about reputation its always about character, it's giving with a truthful heart and not counting what you give to him or her.
It's poise with a golden stand a strong way of heart, it's going on a meaningful passage with a truthful heart that is never willing to part.