Determination is the brainchild of a decisive heart- Universal Voice.
When you adapt to a way to understand your worth, one that you'll be willing to go onto a productive and reliance of turfs.
Ones that will put you on a stronger standing ground, to carry you always along.
That will nurture, strengthen and give you much push as your ways of a determined heart continues to guide, in a way that is authentic in all ways of truth that never lie.
With strength as a ware and a self help of cares you are ready for anything you meet, as you know you'll be always sitting in a winner's seat.
As Strength will always lay within for it's the individual to manifest it's light as to let it shine bright with a true pushed of might.
And when you look in the mirror and see yourself looking back know as to understand that you are your own competition, it's for you to make the move as to go on your own missions.
And you need to know and remember that competition isn't bad it's good to have as competition makes one a better player to always have a good playing hand.
Yes! And life is a pasture and determination and encouragement is it's goals, and a good heart of mind fill with everything truthful and good that it knows.
Having confidence in yourself breaks the chains of doubt that you the individual have inside,Yes! the truth comes forth and destroys as it removes the self doubt of lies.
So be always committed in a determination of way as commitment is the seed of rightfulness that will help make your way complete,to help give you a good ending as to put you on a winner's seat.
As with knowledge,wisdom and understanding that you will continue to wear always gives an articulate vessel with much caring of ways.
Just remember that matters matter less and happiness matters most a determined heart is all you need to have to get ready to go :)