Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Do our brains function like a Quantum field?

Well this is just a recap from what a LinkedIn member asked and this was my answer in view ,that I've decided to share with more informal views.
Actually it's not a Quantum field it's a brain mass of productive fields of energy and nerve cells that adapt to high input of frequencies.
It's just a way our brain is able to maneuver to different dimensions of changing.
Yes! We are physic and telepathic and have much , much more within, but it's for humans to understand and know how to used their abilities for the right standing .
The brain is a very functional tool and Yes! It's way better than a computer, actually the computer was designed on the brain's mobility to produced an array of documentation of understanding.
There is so much that mankind has to learn and eventually they will ,it just takes time and practice then they will find the answers to the much needed questions, as so many aspects was based on the productines of the brain.
As I said, I'm operating at a very high frequency and this is a way I've adapted to through the years and days, and anyone that reads my blog posts will acknowledged the fact that my brain is working past it's capacity,they may think for a human.
But it's not that really as the human mind can expand to great leverages if one wants it to,and I did.
As I said the brain is a very emasculate tool,very functional and grows in non monotonic meaning of ways,it's expandance is incomprehensible.

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