Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Forgive The UnForgiven.

Forgive the unforgiven and wipe the heavy burdens of grudge anger envy etc from the hearts that you have been given.
Wipe all the grudge hatred and anger from your heart of plates,and give your hearts clean sense of states.
Forgive and Love share the beautiful pure Love from God the Creator in the Highest of Heavens above.
Don't hold on to envy,unforgiveness and for others get angry.
The more you let go,the stronger you will get and grow.
So let those meaningless ways go, and put your life's on a new standing  floor.
The more you forgive in heart ,the more useless and meaningless wares will part.
Not forgiving someone that did you wrong ,just makes you carry in heart a burden that in life you will walk with so long.
And anyone that you meet that also add to the cause,will add to your luggage and put you on a path of "Angry and lost".
You hold the power in your heart of hand,so be the wise and stronger girl boy woman and man.
Letting go and forgiving someone that you have in your heart all tangle up,will prove you to be the stronger one when you forgive them and give them up.
As you will be the one that decided to let the people and what they did to you go, and strong you will be I just want you to know :)
You're the one that decide to set yourself free,Yes! The one to move and put your heart at ease.
Some individuals are fast to say" forgiving someone will never pass my way!
Well all that will do is make you upset,as you're the ones that will gain anger hatred envy dark cold hearts and that is all you will get.
As your and voice will always tell your rage,and the weakness will also show on your face.
So make yourselves free and be the stronger one,and forgive anyone that did you wrong that you have in heart holding on to for so long.
You know! Forgiveness is what a lot of individuals need to do,instead of holding others in their hearts that only makes them dark angry and blue.
It's time for everyone out there not another time but Yes! Today !
Forgive these people from your hearts, just let them go and the anger grudge envy all of it just let them part.
Start forgiving release them and send them love, let them go and live good with the precious breath of life you have.
And in heart you will know when you truly forgive someone,as you will not be singing the sad " He or she did this or that to me" old song.
And if you have to speak about them,you are not going to have any strings attached to your heart of hem.
As you will never see or feel the plight,to have any hatred anger or want to fight.
You will just be in a peaceful way, as Love for them and forgiveness you will continue to wear.
You will be doing something that in your hearts for someone you had forgiven, Yes! By letting go of whatever it is by forgiving.
A bad situation or a way ,no more anger in your heart you would wear.
As you will put them all to flight,by forgiving them in heart with all your might.

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