Tuesday, 29 March 2016


Forgive and forget and never do the revenge to regret.
Forgive others and free your heart,and let peace abide as Love flow show and take part.
To forgive someone that did you wrong to look at them in their face and say " I forgive you for all the bad you have done to me! I am strong in heart and now I'm setting you and my sad prisoned heart free .
To forgive someone and put everything to rest, as you take the burdens and the heaviness off your heart walls of chest.
To forgive from the heart and Yes! Sometimes you and others will part but look at it this way,you have to forgive to show a true heart that cares.
Don't ever worry it will be Okay as some individuals will go for a reason, you see dead weight in your life is not good to carry along in this season.
And with them the problems will be all gone,Yes! That you carry in your heart suit case for so very long.
The burdens of grudge envy and hate,that you carried with you in life,and never took a time out or a break.
So find it in your heart today,to let forgiveness in and throw out the grudge and envious ways.
Yes! Forgive that person or way,that had you lock up in angry grudgeful wares.
Release them from your heart,and in life make a truthful start.
When you release the unwanted wear your heart will be clear, and hold Love vibes of good waves that will flow from your heart always in your way.
You will not have to worry about grudge or anger that had you growing so cold, that wanted to keep you in life living angry fretful with grudge and alone as you grow old.
Maybe you will meet someone today,that will say something truthful to brighten up your day as it sends Love of good vibes and a smile your way.
Maybe it will be a forgiveness of way to you,as someone show a heart of truths :) 

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