Friday, 4 March 2016

Fully Conscious focus always aware.

This is a new year with new passages of ways, and it's a new consciousness of awares for everyone to open their eyes and ears.
It's a new way that you will see the wolves in fake wares the wheat will be remove from among the tares.
This is the light that shines that displays a reasoning call, it flows and radiates but it's not hanging in a ceiling in some big hall.
The light that flows is made to also bring down,all dark elements of wares and also burn them from the ground.
The right for you to be fully conscious and always as the light that carry Love peace and a positive way.
It will guide you always on a destiny's path as you finished your race and get your victory's laugh :))))
So this year as the golden doors has opened new ways, everyone will carry true cares and awards.
To maneuver in passages of new a new birth, as you walk on your path of turfs.
Always walking in a consciousness of aware,to know the ones that's true and the ones faking in camouflage ware.
And the light always shines bright to peel off their skins, to see their darkness within.
Yes! The wolves in sheep's clothing that think they will grow to masquerade as saints as they walk on a communication floor.
But as I said the eyes always show the lies, Yes! And the language of body that sometimes act and move so shabby.
You are well aware of what world has within, and light will show up all the ignorance of lies world brings and the wayward side of things .
So always continue yo be fully conscious focus and always aware, and to all show a true genuine care.
And also remember that in you fear has no place so put it in the garbage with all the rest of waste.
Only a conscious and truthful way of heart and its aspects is the suits that you will wear and your heart of soul that is fully aware, that will direct individuals on positive ways .

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