Sunday, 6 March 2016

Life Clock.

The turning the time the wheels that goes on, the patience the perseverance Yes! The need to go on.

The place and life time haste,the momentum of truthful ways.

The individuals in your life that to you show heartful care, the loving they bring that makes you well aware.

The life you see as far as you can remember the times you were alone,the struggles and the determinations with the pushed that made you so strong.

Life that everyone Has and it's pushed pass the limit, it's guaranteed life standing for all that is always in it.

You meet individuals in life's way,and some show Love while others never show care.

But it's for you to be the better woman or man to be the one with a truthful heart soul of hand.

Yes! A must a task a determination to always do right and go on and no matter what to always show Love to your brother man Yes! To everyone.

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