Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Love Yourself !

When you look in the mirror at yourself try never to be bitter, Love you for always in a genuine way and for yourself carry a truthful heart that cares and never to yourself or anyone be a hater. 
Love you first and the Love for others will fall into place, Love your brothers and sisters Yes! Mankind the Human Race.
You have to Love yourself enough to let things that is not meaningful or relevant for your growth go, Yes! Things that will only put your life at a go slow.
Some things that happened or will try to happen in your life ,that will try to bring cruelty anger hatred conflict or strife.
And it's always up to you to be the better and stronger woman or man , to always Love you and your brother man.
Love you and let your Love explore ,Love you to enjoy your life so much more.
And you will gain an inner understanding, of a true way that is Loving and never demanding.
It's just a Love that shares truth and so much care,to you and individuals as it makes all aware.
The truthfulness of a cause,in life to never do a meaningless pause.
So always Love you and utilized Love to the max, and always remember it's free and you don't have to pay tax.
You know! Loving yourself show strength and it's a blessing, it's a pure Love and yet so much individuals seems to have it missing.
Always Love you for the true genuine person that you are,and others will feel and embraced your way whether you are near them or far :)
Love you and make yourself happy, make you free and Love will be shared to enjoy others friends strangers and family :)
You know! Happiness is being emotionally stable and if others want to input on that happiness well ,and if  they are worthy they can, but if they come to confuse and hurt Please let go of their hand .
It's always a truthful way of soul heart,that is embedded in being and never departs :)

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