Thursday, 31 March 2016

Loved Or Cemented

Loved or Cemented which is your wear, that you hold suited on self Yes! That you wear each day ?
Are you soft with Love,a truthfulness and it's smoothly caring suave?
Are you mixed with clayment and carry a heart that is hard like cement?
Hmm! Which way do you carry today, that makes others look maybe in care or wayward ways?
Individuals are all around, and when you feel their vibes they tend to loudly shout out.
Yes! I've met and know of some, that when you feel them you would think that you would go numb.
The hard vibes from their hearts, would make an old stick dark .
As it's just a cold hard way,that you can feel without any care.
As some feel like cement in a solid state, that hardens immediately in the sun when baked.
And then there are some that when you see them the sense of feel, will have you like a fish that intentionally jumps on a baited fishing reel :)
Oh what a bliss, as they flow with Love surrounding's that you don't ever want to miss :) 
So I am asking today ,"What is your wear, are you sealed in Love or cemented hard careless and tough with a hardness of heart as your outter wear ?

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