Friday, 4 March 2016

Originate Yourself.

"Make Genuine Love the Foundation Life is here to enjoy in the most Positive ways not to copy others but to be an Original of You" - Universal Voice 
Yes! Be the Original You! The true being of heart and soul inside.
In this manipulating world never suppress your true gifts or hide.
Be the original you and from this manipulating world never hold it's selfishness and pride, it's manipulation of wears egotistic voices that tell much lies.
Hard hearts of no cares, and false tongues of dark wears.
You must look deep within yourselves and there you will find the  original you that was placed as a true seed,to disintegrate the falseness of dark weeds.
Look deep Yes! Deep in your being of core,look and feel the true you that is so sure.
In this world of manipulation ways,you must find you truness the original you that cares.
Individuals has the genuine true ways because as you can feel and inside your being you would not attained the worldly lies, as true heart has no hold with dark ties.
And your heart of being will always be true,as the original you will never be uncouth.
You will care and continue to wear the good suits inside,and from this tainted world you should never suppressed your true ways or try to hide.
So today Everyone Universal Voice is calling you "Be Original! And bring forth the true you.
The true you of aware, the true you that so Lovingly care.
The true you with Voice, the true you that doesn't make noise.
The true you that embrace with the Love of so much cares,to your brother man around,Yes! The weak ones seated on the ground.
Bring your truthfulness to birth,and walk on your truthful turfs.
Be apart of the truthful light,that resonates and shines so bright.
Yes! Wake up and make your true souls sings as the time is right for all truthful souls to explore, the true voice of Love that embraces and so much more.
Originate yourselves and let the true you come forth,the true you inside the true seeds that birth.
Mother earth is awakening to the soul and feel of her truthful Love,and your truthfulness you must also have.
So let your truthfulness come forth the beacon of light,that radiates and shine through dark crevasses so bright.
Let the true you be always aware, and for your brother man continue to care.
Yes! Always be the original you that your heart of soul knows and wants you to be,and from this manipulating world you will see what it is to be Soul set free :)

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