Wednesday, 2 March 2016


Sometimes you might feel like you're going over walls so high,or walking on steps so huge, hot and wide.
Or maybe you feel like you're crawling under barbed wire that sticks in your skin, like you're being stick with knives ,needles or even pins.
Maybe digging through a tunnel so deep ,and a little light is all you get to keep.
Walking through the dark storm of rain,and feeling only a soak wet body and clothes you've gained.
It's perseverance that keeps you going on and you will for very long.
As it's the winning streak that you constantly keep, that will eventually put you in a winner's seat.
Going forward in a careful stride and not to go all stuck up with pride.
It's going with a fill alliance of wear for growth, to be determined to get what you know of your worth.
To learn to gain to walk boldly through the dark storms of rain, and never grow weary, angry cold or go in sane.
It's always to keep going on and never stop,to always be strong when you feel like you're going to drop.
You know! Mankind don't know but perseverance is the way to go as it's a way of the soul and heart,a way that sticks with individuals and never parts.
It only lays dormant when individuals decide they can't go on, and just lay idle as in limbo like broken Yes! As time goes on.
Perseverance is always about getting up and deciding to never stay down, getting up stronger and brushing off even if you've fallen to the ground.
It's going over barriers, through tunnels and high walls, some that was put by plan or by someone with an ignorant cause.
It's never giving up or in it's going forward in life because in heart and soul you know at the end you will win :)
Yes! And as you gained character from your walk, you will eventually learn from all the lessons that you have been taught.
You see! It's tribulations that produces perseverance and perseverance character and character hope that give you the strength to go on,to walk on your paths that you've been walking so long.
It's a mind over matter just going forward in a true way, as you acknowledge the errors and not let them get attached or on you ever stay.
It's truth and it's proof that you are stronger that you know, and that you have the true strong standing that will continue to help you go.
So just remember that the tribulations you get is not to make you get dark, weary ,angry or cold, as they are just to give you a strong standing of life foot hold.
It's just a way that helps keep you building,on and up into a true way as you're continuously being molded.
Yes! As it's for you to gained a better stand, by ways of teachings that sometimes was made to be part of a great plan.
So always keep a mindful understanding and know that perseverance is a strong way that helps keep you up and standing.
Yes! A way that lends a hand to give your life a caring love guide of handling.

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