Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Positive Life Or Ignorant Strife ?

Life will give you whatever experiences is the most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness, and it's not about greed,corruption, manipulation or selfishness.
It's about showing you what and who to avoid,to stop ignorant strife of noise as you will always try to avoid.
Life is about achieving gaining awareness a strong standing and growth,it's about self respect love care a showing and sharing and self worth as you help the weak to grow.
It's never about showing an aggressive look, as to try to intimidate anyone with wayward manipulating looks 
Never about disrespect,as if you give I hope you know you will also get.
Life is not about disregard,forgetting others never helping and just leaving them sad.
It's always about a positive life,and never about ignorant strife.
Never about hurting anyone, but always about helping them up from the ground.
It's not about a relationship that makes you sad,with individuals that constantly remind you of a bad past that you had.
It's for you to grow excel and show the right way to others, Yes! all your brothers and all your sisters.
Yes! knowing always the right way, and keep showing true love and all it's aspects of wares :)

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