Are you restricting your desires to achieved by doubting yourself and your creative aspects?
Talent lays within everyone but it's the way and the direction that one directs they talent that allows them to be able to be seated in an achievement chair.
There are a lot of doubting Thomases out there who continued to doubt their abilities to achieved and soar into and onto higher pastures of passages.
I always say that "Independence breaks the chains of doubt", and one must always have independence in them selves to go to the next level.
No one knows the altitudes of height they can fly unless they try, as always it's try and try until you succeed.
And who don't want to be tested in areas of expertise?
But how would one know the magnitude of one's talent if they don't try?As I said,"Hidden talents lays within everyone and having the ability to lock into one's talent to bring it to light in an evolving alliance is what makes your ambition grow.
And no doubt will be able to present itself in one's mind,as one will be walking with the mentality of ,"I know I can do it and I will try".
And this mentality is good for the heart,soul and mind as these words will continue to be a push of motivation to push one into new aspects of areas of talent.
Finding one's place is essential,just knowing one's ability ,using one's talent will continue to be more gratifying when one can lock into them selves and used the keys of confidence,independence and resistance to unlock the chains of doubt.