Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Sustain A Life That Is affordable to your Growth

Sustain a life that is affordable to your growth, live your life with contentment of what you could afford.
Yes! Sustain a life that suits your living, and what you see others have and wished for Please! Stop the stupid thinking.
First of all! With the wish there is not a genie around in a fancy dish.
And what ever you can afford ,you will work truthfully with hands to get your worth.
Don't ever try to live your life like others with extravagant living, the price some individuals pay for materialistic wears believed me when I say you know nothing.
As how some individuals secretly got their wares, the ones that in front of others they always display.
Always live life in a positive way,and sustain yourself with your affordable wares.
Never try to jump up a ladder or you will fall down,just gradually walk on your path of way aware sturdy with contentment along .
Never insult degrade or intimidation others, love everyone as your sisters and brothers.
Remember that everyone is running the same race, and some will cut short to live extravagant ways.
You should never follow others who like to do bad, or want what they have by doing things that in the long run will make you sad.
Always be a leader of good and you will get all positives aspects of ways and things that your being know you should.
Things that will benefit you meaningfully Yes! The things that you don't have to silly wish for or guess.
By now everyone should know what living a positive life is about, I should not have to send it through a loud speaker or go anywhere to shout.
As it's never about expensive wares, but it's about true hearts that care.
And it's mandatory for all mankind , instead of corrupt ways and manipulation that they keep throwing at each other all the time.
And some like to leave others behind, because they think about themselves and for others they never have time.
You know! Living a life that's affordable and suits you well ,and living with positivity as each day will tell.
The peace you will walk with each day within, that will make your soul of heart contented and sing :) 

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