And you get to live on,walking on your turf of path way for so very long.
One day at a time one step walking in rhyme .
One beautiful day to enjoy, to avoid anyone or a bad moment that your day would want to spoil.
As the day opens up to a new,the freshness of beautiful greenery and nature is always in view.
A way to depict each passing day,as it makes an entrance always in your way.
And as you walk your new day don't let anyone pull you into their storms, but pull them into your peace Yes! The peaceful way you continue to walk with for so long.
Don't fuss don't fret,just take one day at a time the breath of life that each day you get.
To manouver on this earthly realm Yes! Earth, to wear your positive wares in all your worth :)
As the day's timing is already set,and it's for you to never get upset.
But to continue one day,at a time and always live you life in a positive way.