Friday, 4 March 2016

Technologies Misguided Minds

Not so long ago I was in School, in various educational institutions being taught among other things the basis English words.
And how the years has past by and Yes! The methods and words of voice.
As far as I can remember I was at school for an education, and was taught different educational methods of Schooling to be ready for a world with my understanding growth.
And the most and foremost aspects of these educational methods' which to this day still applies to life ,living and awareness, is the basis English language, the language to be spoken with clarity,efficiency and poise.
In today's world I'm asking, "What about the basis English language, has anyone noticed what it has now become?
As with new technology the English language now seems to be filtered, flatten and pulled apart and replaced by awkward words of abbreviations that has no epic identity for and of cause.
As "Nothing" has now changed to "Nuttin" Yes! Ye,No Na, "I hear you" Ihu and Thanks Thnx.
I could just go on but I'll stop here as I've just mentioned a few.
I'm always telling other's,that I hear with this new technology half cross words of nuscience.
"Why is Schooling of education here to be used to teach others' to learn to speak English at it's best and individuals are speaking so terrible because of new technology?
A method of English language and English literature that was around for the longest while.
To help others' know,understand and be able o maneuver through passages' of informational and guidance fields.
And technology walks in and with it comes much bad habits of ways.
Which by the way is teaching the youth and others' to speak bad English of words in the most despicable ways.
A disruption of teachings that puts the students and others' on rocky and wrong roads.
And with this wrong directional technology of language ,there is no open doors for goals.
It just seems like a set up to keep individuals stranded on empty roads.
I cannot have a conversation with anyone that used these unedified terms of words,I have a way and I always say,"Could you please put that sentence into a better context for me to understand please?
I'm not and I'm never going to hurt my head trying to figure out some text meaning to give myself a brain freeze.
I for one can adapt to change but wrong change I'll never do,I'll prefer to stick to something old and good that I know in life it will see me through.
As I always preferred to be a leader of good than a follower of bad.
And using a term of language that would turn one's mind bad doesn't seemed to be the right area of direction as it seems to have much error and lies.
Technology? Checktology is more what others should be doing and stamp out the negative aspects of it's ways that seemed to have some people changing not for the better but for the bad.
And don't let technology be like a story line when read ,that would make everyone sad.
It's really confusing to see the way others attitudes' and behaviors' has changed with the new technology.
And in this world in a society that we live in called mankind ,everyone has a will power,which by the way some tend to used very useless.
Some individuals are being used by these distorted devices of deviance,and yet some failed to see the distorments as in their own and others' behaviors'.
It's just a mere understanding to see the alignment of these individuals ways,which by the way have past many viewing,Why?
It's because so many others' are caught up in the distorted devices of deviance ways,so they wouldn't noticed the distortions in another if their haven't noticed it in themselves.
So many fight mentally to be able to understand the English language,to be able to be a part of a society in the world that we live in.
And others' are being guided to distort the truth of it's existence.
Wouldn't this come down to a distortion in life and living,if there is a reversed of conversational language,from it's mere changing from good to bad?


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