Tuesday, 8 March 2016

The Momentum of an Understanding Heart

A precious heart that flows with a true gift with warmth of a truth of understanding.-Marcelle Hinkson
Connected with love sent and aligned from above with the most immaculate seed of feed.
An embracing way that shows other's you can help,equip and put them on a true standing for a new birth.
With an energetic need and little movement or speed everything aligns in it's way, giving way for all that's connected and show great care.
It's a must this need of an understanding heart to always aligned and never part,it's truth of essences is worked by few,as you see some flowers and grass with dew.
A definition that the wise will understand in heart and know that it should never part.
You see it was given to Chosen one's as a seed to grow out and always flow wide and long.
An immaculate way of a beautiful bliss that other's should embodied and never miss.
It was sent from a special love,High in the Highest up above ,to embrace and wear it well, as Truth and Love from your hearts true voices will continue to tell.

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