The telepathic way is and was already in existence years ago and is known and unknown to mankind.
 The strategies that  Mr Zuckerberg  and others have brought to the forefront and that has been highlighted is just a mere means of depicting the telepathic way as an area of view as to open a window to it's existence.
The mere fact that knowledge of conversations can now be directed by a glance, thought or intrusion of one's mind or description of an individual being focused on a said person to exhibit a communication talk line is not a mystery but a mere discovery to a way that was already in existence long before time began.
A tuning in to the mind in ways of silent speech of conversation is a momentum of wise and accurate communication.
Texting is another way of telepathic communication but with a difference as the individuals used a canal of devices of technology to make their voice of passage heard and read.
It's a mind to mind connection of the telepathic way with a challenge of a technological device in the forefront of conversation.    
The telepathic is a universal language and is the way to the inner and outer world conversation passage of communications.