Monday, 7 March 2016

What Is Your Story?

What is your story what do you have to share? 
Did showed showered and shared genuine Love to someone somewhere?
Or you just snub and shout "Get out my way! Instead of showing some genuine heart felt care.
And selfishly pushed up your mouth at some individual and just walk uncaringly away.
You know! Your story should be a great book,that will teach others good things when at your life pages they take a look.
Yes! Helping each other up from the ground,pushing some forward the one's that are weak and can not on their own move steadily along.
What is your story do you have any at all, or is your life only about self centered selfish brawls?
Your story should be built to the max,with true wares of Love a showing sharing and showering that has no valid tax.
Only a life of positive ways that helps someone on their turf path of ways, and a heart felt "Thank You! Is what to you they will say.
So what is your story did you learn anything today?
Or are you just going to be selfish self centered and walk bristly away?

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