Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Do What You Can Do.

First and foremost just let me make it clear, as I'm not here to divert you from going your way.
I'm not telling you to give up,as I'm just telling you to brace up.
As to keep yourselves intact as to never loose your tack.
And do not let what you can not do interfere,with what you can do always know your limit as to know the right time to pass it or if to leave it for another day.
Always try to do what you can do and never beat up yourself about the rest.
If you want to you can do what you can and try going over your limit as a little test.
But you know! Each and everyday you go you will get things done.
And some of you don't have to be impatient or have yourselves hurting along.
Running busily up or down all around.
Always calm yourselves and control your mind as to think wisely.
Don't try to frustrate yourselves and have mind thoughts that goes around in your heads so widely.
You see! Days are here for a reason and what ever you didn't get to do,another day is hours away waiting patiently for you.
So stop with the hurrying and the frustration of ways.
Stop with the ignorant self name calling and the bad expressions on face.
Just stop and see yourself as human and a person that is breathing and trying everyday for a reason.
To do things Yes! Not to be in a hurry but to do some in portions with your best.
You know things does not immediately get made, as you have with time to patiently wait.
So why are some of you running time down,to get what you want before the sun goes down?
Why aren't some of you holding Patience on your plates?
A relevant way Yes! A truthful standing of wait.
You should just do what you can do and leave the rest for tomorrow, the days is always free it's no one's to ask for as to borrow.
It's a new day a beginning to elevate,to continue with what you had pending Yes! On a time stop of a wait.
You know! Sky is never the limit as you can go further Yes! Very far.
And it's also wise to keep your head on as not to let it grow pride big and hard.
Don't try to over do, when you know the trueness of you.
Don't hurry around,when you know that you are strong but not that strong.
So always remember that there are days call tomorrow.
To do what you didn't get to do Yes! All days that is patiently waiting for you.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Do Not Feed The Trolls :))

Everyone has freedom of speech,and it should be used widely and wisely to help individuals out there Yes! With voices that teach.
But with this trolling effect,all I can see is devious individuals that try to get someone afraid to stop the good that they are doing get distracted or upset.
Opinion is a directional feed to answering, and trolling will live up to it's name as it's comes with devious intentions that only want to bring to individuals distraction fear and insult with shame
Do not feed the trolls ,just shut them up and let them go.
You know ignorance is always ignorant,why display it to a truthful heart?
As all it's going to do is show your trolling is embedded with much goat parts :))
The trolling effect,some people like to used to get individuals all upset.
And it's not necessary in a way that shows truth of meaningful care of ways.
We all know ignorant and Yes! Ignorance always like to display it's ways, as some say things without understanding just with cold hearts that is tainted and never show a sign of care.
And in situations of individuals that is always trying to do good,it's always these trolls devious with mouthfuls of mud.
Why do they always like to display their ignorant part? Or it it just to show that they have a cold tainted dark heart.
Any individual doing good in meaningful ways is only showing true hearts of light that authentically care.
And when I look around and see these trolls of devious voices, they are always up to no good as they interrupt to cause ignorant noises.
It just shows me that something good is being done,and these trolling individuals are just tools of of deviance that is pushed by a button to get a tongue run.
To try to manipulate a good way in stand,but you know what? They can not when your standing is secure by the Sovereignty of hands.
And they are always thinking but what they don't know is next to them little devious entities are flying.
Just talking in their ears and mind,to make them think ignorance all the time.
Just saying words to them,to make them say ignorant things all the time.
You see when they come to me I don't even stupse , as I just do an intercession of a powerful rebuke.
Just little devious voices with ignorant minds,that is trying to offset individuals that is doing good with their dark deviousness all the time.
Trolling and never knowing just being pushed with ignorance that is always showing.
And the thing is that when ever these trolls show up you can feel the slimy tainted mud they crawl in that will make you want to throw up.
And they are always trying to offset individuals good ways by showing off their dark hearts that have no carrying of lighted ways.
Is a sign needed "No Trolling allowed?Just to shut up the ignorance that spills from a Troller's mouth ?
A sign to put in place,when a tainted heart troller try to invade your way. 

Wake Up To Morning's Glory Mother Nature's Beauty.

Wake up in the morning and smell life, Oh! What radiant smell doesn't it smell nice?
Yes! Wake up fully from slumber, and always remember.
That you are a blessing put in place, to help others in magnificent ways.
Look and see the beauty of nature, the grass in fields and other that grows greener.
The water fountains that flows,and with their watering mist helps everything to grow.
So quietly listen and hear, and always let yourself be aware.
As you listen to mother nature's birthing calls,with the birds singing from tree branches of halls.
See the butterflies and bees,the flower's pretty faces and the bush grass that wave with the gentleness of breeze.
Listen to the atmosphere, as it makes the relavent things to you all clear.
Yes! Listen with a quiet poise,shh listen quietly with open heart of soul with no presence of noise.
A new day a new way that is waiting for you as planned, a heart's way of full cares as Lovingly you help and embraced your brother man.
Try not to smell the coffee, sometimes try to smell mother nature's beauty.
Why do some smell the coffee and not the fresh breeze? Smell the freshness of peace on the dew on fallen leaves.
So wake up and gear up and put on your golden armor of light, stand up firm and strong and shine better than the brightest of lights.
Feel the caring sparks engine of soul heart,that is all ready in full capacity to take part :)

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Soul Builders or Energy Takers?

Soul builders or energy takers you do the maths, You see at the end of the reign they are the devious ones that want to have the last laugh.
For example! As you should know that you should help the needy and not the greedy well energizing is the same way.
You give your energy of helpings and livings to individuals that is destined and assigned Yes! That is truthfully placed to your path of ways.
In life we meet a lot of individuals and Yes! It about helping everyone,but there are some that just try to interrupt your path to get you all run down.
They ask they wait,and they try to drain you of your energies intake.
And that is why it's best for you to be spiritually and consciously awake.
What I'm saying to you today is to always know the ones on your path that were are destined not pushed to meet you, to stress you out and leave you frustrated and blue.
Know the energies of their ways and you will know if they come to drain you away.
You see on your path way, if you haven't noticed there is so much you will hear know see meet release say and gain.
And your true heart of soul always knows the truth as to how and to whom you should your energy with Love of strength release and not unnecessary strain.
And when to be strong and bold as to show up the disrupting presense of life's trolls.
As to ask or tell a pushed person on your way, "Where did you come from who sent you to try to offset my life's pathway?
As your inner soul voice never hides and with eyes opened wide it sees when these culprits are coming with devious lies.
As some individuals are in your life way for a reason and a season Yes! For you to help them up for their long pathway of tests.
And your inner being of soul always knows the way it should go because it shows you the way to embrace these individuals with much care to it's knowledgeable best.
Then there are the pushed ones that are intruding in space,that is always in a hurry with torment on their face.
Just to offset your pathway and try to drain you of the energy that you have,that is why being spiritually awaken is the most beneficial way Yes! A must.
But one thing for sure,is that a truthful heart of soul always knows when to say No!
As it alerts you to it's true way ,to know what to do and not to say.
And it always alerts you as to know that in your pathway an individuals doesn't belong but is being pushed,to try to drain and catch you like a fish that is bing hooked.
In your walk on your pathway you have much energy to help yourself and those destined for your way.
And everyone needs to remember that your energy always renew,and you must also understand that it's designed to help assigned others and to help you.
So please don't waste your energy away on an individual or ways that wasn't assigned your way.
Always know the difference know the truth,know who is destined to be with you.
And know that a true heart of soul is always aware,when a pushed intruder try to invade as to inhabit your way.
As you will get the alert it's just for you to be spiritually and consciously smart.
There are so many individuals out there that you will meet to help you out, and those individuals you will know with a true heart without a doubt.
As your true heart of soul will alert you in some way, and you will automatically know its truthful wares.
As true Love drives it's own on a true Love of way,that builds up individuals for their assigned path of ways.
So always know your energies and the energies of others,know your destined assignments and always know the intruders.
I know it could be a challenge for some to identify who! And you must and don't let the thief of energies try to drain you.
As everything is about energy the way you feel around certain individuals will tell you if that energy is needed or not,so start descerning the intruders hot spots.
Know the energies that you are tolerating that deep within yourselves you know you shouldn't do.
What is it? A relationship that keep going around, is useless stressful turns a false one or a trickers that always hurry along?
Some fake friends that is secretly trying to drain your energy from your head to your hem? 
Just let go of it Please! As those energies are not relevant and can not help you in life meaningful needs.
The relationship and others that keep draining you and you really need to let go of them for your sake I am telling you.
Sometimes individuals just like to hold on to pushed situations to long and all that it does is frustrate them as to try to drain and drag them to the ground.
Deep with in you your true heart of soul will never scold, but it will give a bellow an echoed a gentle row of truth that these individuals around you should never stay.
The Truth of Authority that it holds that shows up the pushed intruders and let you know.
That you are strong and an individual on a strong stand,guard and guided by the Only and True Father Creator God the Sovereign of hands .

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Help someone Up!

Help someone up out of the drowning sea of hard rough life, that stubs them hard in their back like a sharp knife.
Help someone up and help them to see ,help someone up as they to will see that it is about helping You Me He and She.
Help someone up and let true Love display ,it's relevance of aspects of ways that it carry in wares.
The momentum of a true strong and Loving attitude that is always helping and never scolding or shrewd.
You know! A helping hand goes a long way,and it's a success you get when you can help someone that has fallen in life or strayed.
Helping someone will keep them in a hold,that penetrates with Love that never grows old.
That will embraced them in so many ways, so help someone on your path way today as you go around make and continue your day :)