Thursday, 14 April 2016

Do Not Feed The Trolls :))

Everyone has freedom of speech,and it should be used widely and wisely to help individuals out there Yes! With voices that teach.
But with this trolling effect,all I can see is devious individuals that try to get someone afraid to stop the good that they are doing get distracted or upset.
Opinion is a directional feed to answering, and trolling will live up to it's name as it's comes with devious intentions that only want to bring to individuals distraction fear and insult with shame
Do not feed the trolls ,just shut them up and let them go.
You know ignorance is always ignorant,why display it to a truthful heart?
As all it's going to do is show your trolling is embedded with much goat parts :))
The trolling effect,some people like to used to get individuals all upset.
And it's not necessary in a way that shows truth of meaningful care of ways.
We all know ignorant and Yes! Ignorance always like to display it's ways, as some say things without understanding just with cold hearts that is tainted and never show a sign of care.
And in situations of individuals that is always trying to do good,it's always these trolls devious with mouthfuls of mud.
Why do they always like to display their ignorant part? Or it it just to show that they have a cold tainted dark heart.
Any individual doing good in meaningful ways is only showing true hearts of light that authentically care.
And when I look around and see these trolls of devious voices, they are always up to no good as they interrupt to cause ignorant noises.
It just shows me that something good is being done,and these trolling individuals are just tools of of deviance that is pushed by a button to get a tongue run.
To try to manipulate a good way in stand,but you know what? They can not when your standing is secure by the Sovereignty of hands.
And they are always thinking but what they don't know is next to them little devious entities are flying.
Just talking in their ears and mind,to make them think ignorance all the time.
Just saying words to them,to make them say ignorant things all the time.
You see when they come to me I don't even stupse , as I just do an intercession of a powerful rebuke.
Just little devious voices with ignorant minds,that is trying to offset individuals that is doing good with their dark deviousness all the time.
Trolling and never knowing just being pushed with ignorance that is always showing.
And the thing is that when ever these trolls show up you can feel the slimy tainted mud they crawl in that will make you want to throw up.
And they are always trying to offset individuals good ways by showing off their dark hearts that have no carrying of lighted ways.
Is a sign needed "No Trolling allowed?Just to shut up the ignorance that spills from a Troller's mouth ?
A sign to put in place,when a tainted heart troller try to invade your way. 

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