Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Do What You Can Do.

First and foremost just let me make it clear, as I'm not here to divert you from going your way.
I'm not telling you to give up,as I'm just telling you to brace up.
As to keep yourselves intact as to never loose your tack.
And do not let what you can not do interfere,with what you can do always know your limit as to know the right time to pass it or if to leave it for another day.
Always try to do what you can do and never beat up yourself about the rest.
If you want to you can do what you can and try going over your limit as a little test.
But you know! Each and everyday you go you will get things done.
And some of you don't have to be impatient or have yourselves hurting along.
Running busily up or down all around.
Always calm yourselves and control your mind as to think wisely.
Don't try to frustrate yourselves and have mind thoughts that goes around in your heads so widely.
You see! Days are here for a reason and what ever you didn't get to do,another day is hours away waiting patiently for you.
So stop with the hurrying and the frustration of ways.
Stop with the ignorant self name calling and the bad expressions on face.
Just stop and see yourself as human and a person that is breathing and trying everyday for a reason.
To do things Yes! Not to be in a hurry but to do some in portions with your best.
You know things does not immediately get made, as you have with time to patiently wait.
So why are some of you running time down,to get what you want before the sun goes down?
Why aren't some of you holding Patience on your plates?
A relevant way Yes! A truthful standing of wait.
You should just do what you can do and leave the rest for tomorrow, the days is always free it's no one's to ask for as to borrow.
It's a new day a beginning to elevate,to continue with what you had pending Yes! On a time stop of a wait.
You know! Sky is never the limit as you can go further Yes! Very far.
And it's also wise to keep your head on as not to let it grow pride big and hard.
Don't try to over do, when you know the trueness of you.
Don't hurry around,when you know that you are strong but not that strong.
So always remember that there are days call tomorrow.
To do what you didn't get to do Yes! All days that is patiently waiting for you.

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