Thursday, 7 April 2016

Help someone Up!

Help someone up out of the drowning sea of hard rough life, that stubs them hard in their back like a sharp knife.
Help someone up and help them to see ,help someone up as they to will see that it is about helping You Me He and She.
Help someone up and let true Love display ,it's relevance of aspects of ways that it carry in wares.
The momentum of a true strong and Loving attitude that is always helping and never scolding or shrewd.
You know! A helping hand goes a long way,and it's a success you get when you can help someone that has fallen in life or strayed.
Helping someone will keep them in a hold,that penetrates with Love that never grows old.
That will embraced them in so many ways, so help someone on your path way today as you go around make and continue your day :)

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