Wake up in the morning and smell life, Oh! What radiant smell doesn't it smell nice?
Yes! Wake up fully from slumber, and always remember.
That you are a blessing put in place, to help others in magnificent ways.
Look and see the beauty of nature, the grass in fields and other that grows greener.
The water fountains that flows,and with their watering mist helps everything to grow.
So quietly listen and hear, and always let yourself be aware.
As you listen to mother nature's birthing calls,with the birds singing from tree branches of halls.
See the butterflies and bees,the flower's pretty faces and the bush grass that wave with the gentleness of breeze.
Listen to the atmosphere, as it makes the relavent things to you all clear.
Yes! Listen with a quiet poise,shh listen quietly with open heart of soul with no presence of noise.
A new day a new way that is waiting for you as planned, a heart's way of full cares as Lovingly you help and embraced your brother man.
Try not to smell the coffee, sometimes try to smell mother nature's beauty.
Why do some smell the coffee and not the fresh breeze? Smell the freshness of peace on the dew on fallen leaves.
So wake up and gear up and put on your golden armor of light, stand up firm and strong and shine better than the brightest of lights.
Feel the caring sparks engine of soul heart,that is all ready in full capacity to take part :)