Tuesday, 17 May 2016

How To Understand And Live In True Ways.

Understanding Life Of Living

In life everyone can see what is going on in world the discrepancies the needs and the greed and the will to make it through life in positive ways.
And walking with the right and truthful understanding of heart will help you to achieve as you go forward and take part.
In life living of ways that you will embrace to do the positive things that you have to do, as it's never about trying to copy anyone but it's about you always being the true you.
Some might think because some things in world seems to be going the wrong way that they should just give up or never care, but it's best to understand that some things are going to make you stronger to be the best of you that you can be and it doesn't make any sense, to let the wayward ways of world get to you as you know that you have a heart that is always true.
To control your doubtful thinking of you not having the strength to go on, as strength lives in every boy girl woman and man, and it's just for every individual to get along to know their strength inside as it will be the direction Yes! The guidance of the guide.
Anyone can live in world but it's how they correspond, in the positive way or negative way will always show where you are from.
If you are willing to make peace or if you want to make war, if you have Love in your heart of hand or if you have a bloody sword.
It's always the decision a will power to choose to understand the passage of ways you decide to take and if it's one that will make you loose as to make a mistake.
Test are all given and everyone will eventually learn from them, and some are very easy and some go around until they come to an end.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

How To Show Your True Emotion And Let Others See Who You Truly Are.

Why hide your true friendly emotions when the most important thing is trying to be as true to yourself as you will also be to others?And the best way is to let your inner light always shine,don't ever let the bad ways of life off set you in no way shape or form, always try to keep yourself calm and at peace and never let anyone or anything offset your inner peace.Never let them stay stifled and hidden as letting them out will make you feel really conscious with care.Try to maintained a smile every time you get as you let your inner self free to glow.Things may happened in life but that doesn't mean that you should carry an attitude of feelings of negative ways,always make yourself happy and keep a positive smile on your face.Never try to be angry at any cost of meaningful ways as they will only put you in a meaningless pause as you will end up walking around with angry feelings and emotions on face that will meet individuals as you walk around the place,so try sharing a smile today a true smile of feeling emotion that will delete the bad ways.

To Have And Hold Or to Let Go ?

When you take another by the hand and commit thyself to them.

And in bad relationships of marriage when does "I Am Done", I Am Finished And I Want A Divorce", step in do you know when?

The Conclusion

Yes! There are so many marriages done today and most have finished in days or months and what I really want to ask is "Why do individuals play these fake love games?
Why do they pretend to love someone maybe for fame fortune finances of prestige, why do they jump to get married to the individual out of selfish greed?
And some Yes! Knowing the person just days,and wedding bells are heard suddenly in hears.
Marriage today is not what being married is about as some have so much abuse and some have so much illegal ties you'll think that you are lasing shoes.
Tell me! What is happening in marriages today when individuals confess their love to each other and after a few days or months they just throw the marriage away?

How Being Single Is Okay!

Being Single The Independent Way.

As long as you are independent this way will work out just fine, as it gives one more time to reflect on life.
And you will sustain a life that is always affordable to your growth.
Time Usage.
Use your time wisely as you reflect and engage in productive ways and in life always Love enjoy and get accustomed to your own company.
Try and do the things that is positive to do, the ones beneficial to you that will also put your mind at ease and surround you with much needed peace.
You know! There are so many things that you can do to occupy yourself with you.
Choose Your Friends Wisely.
Surround yourself with friends who can positively build you up,Yes! True friends that care always about your welfare.

How You Can Feel The Aspects Of True Ways.

What About Feelings?

How you can feel the aspects of ways and find the individuals who truly care.
The ones with hearts full of light that hug talk or look at you and make things all right.
The individuals with so much need that is willing to assist your every plea.
In the most Loving and Truthful way that always carry caring wares.
Some individuals that take a stand to help Yes! Their brother man to survive to the max as they are never involved with the asking of money or for their assistance to pay them any pending tax.
You know the right way is the right way and that is what true hearts always do.
They help in relevant ways the things they need to do.
So when I see these individuals with feelings that is full of light, I hold on to them tightly as I give them a hug so tight.
Meeting individuals like this is a special bliss as they always get to show, true caring hearts that is always lighted with love and glow.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Doing Good.

It's always all truthful hearts of individual's hands on deck and not giving someone a helping hand and in return ask them for money or a cash cheque.

Individuals doing good never hurt anyone,it's only Loving and caring aspects of ways that must and should be done.

It's helping someone out,and for the ones that hate what you're doing don't say a word or even waste your precious energy and to them don't even shout.

As it's you knowing your own true heart of way and taking directions it planned,it's you going all the ways of passages you have to go always with a true heart soul of hand as you truthfully embrace your brother man.

On a direction to see more growth,as you let them see and know the trueness of their worth.

To go on strong and aware in their lives,and not to give up or let world life's ways cut them like sharp knifes.

And Yes! As you would realized sometimes when ever someone is doing good the bad mouths always seems to show,but you know what? Don't ever be afraid and from your true works never let go.

As always hot stale wind always needs to be release so let from their mouths the stale wind blow,you see they can not move the unmovable for sure :) 

As your strong standing will dissolved them like ice, melts in hot heat to water and to try it again they will have to think more than twice :)

Their words will go in the oblivion that it is meant to go because with your true standing of way no one can not touch thee,you were destined to help others and get them in awareness to get them set free.

You know sometimes when you are doing good others will seemed to have bad things to say,but as the troll that they come with,just shut them up and chase them and they will run away.

And for the trolling person you can always tell them from the fruits that they are bearing as their fruits like them will wither away as you see or hear the selfish words from them all the negative words that they will continue try saying.

So always stand fearless true strong bold and sturdy and know to whom you belong and work for, those individual's negative words can not even touch you whether they are near or far.

Always embrace your true heart of way,and the individuals that you know in heart of soul needs Loving care to find their way.

You see now or at the end it's only your Creator and Father God that can judge you,and if he is for you no one else can be against you :)

This is a big world and Yes! Some individuals out there is struggling and instead of trying to help put a rope around their necks,people need to put them on solid pavements and take them up from the paths of ground that is dirty soggy and wet.

You know! My thing is help someone to help someone to help someone up ,a true Love ripple of effect,it's not for anyone to give help and ask that person for cash for the help you give them or they get.

As it's a true heart helping way,and true Love wares they always ripple in self awares.

So to ask someone that is down for some financial cash,is just like you picking up a piece of wood and giving them a hard lash.

Doing good is you the individual doing what you must ,from a passionate heart that carries love knowledge wisdom of understanding's caring trust .

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Push Push Push Harder Grow Grow Grow Stronger.

Don't ever think that you are just pushing and nothing seems to sway, but believed me when I say that with a strong determined push things will and have to give way :)

You see! In life it's not about standing still, it's about determination perseverance and having a strong bold fearless and truthful will.

To gain entry into what you must,to grow efficiently and sufficiently in relevant surplus.

It's not about giving up early, because someone treat you measly.

As it's not about dropping things and going away, because you could not get things done and they don't seemed to be going your way.

The push of motivation should be in you, to go and do what you have to do.

And more determination of ways will come pass, to help push you more little by little efficiently step by step Yes! Enough but never to fast.

I see some individuals always in way and for a push of themselves they never seemed to care.

And the challenge is for you to continue challenging your limits and you, always to be a better person of the person of you.

Push yourself more and the stronger you will grow,so don't get tired of doing it and want to let go.

Accept nothing less, as you were created and made by the ultimate Creator of best.

You see relevant ways come to you in pieces like little puzzles of a picture book,and in life each day you take a piece of puzzle way as it starts forming that makes your picture form with a good out look.

To show you Yes!Things does happened for a reason,there is always a piece of puzzle for you to find in every day life of season.

And it's just a matter for you to open your spiritually eyes and never be blind, as pieces of puzzles in life keeps showing up for you and everyone else all the time.

Find your way push yourself and find the time success is for everyone but some tend not to want or get, because their don't want to push themselves further and  instead at individuals they get upset.

But each and everyone of you the individual call mankind must understand, that you all have will power to do good and great things as you have two helping hands.

Push harder the missing pieces pf puzzle is behind every way of door, that is why you have to push harder get stronger every day and soar.

The unquestionable remarkable Yes! The unanswered questions waiting in your way of ways that is worth of full noticed of your attention for you to truthfully go your way and be your ultimate best :)

Monday, 2 May 2016

Open Mouth Communication Instead of Mind Heart Suffocation.

Oh how so many individuals have this way of never inputing of their true feelings of words as to say what they need to say.

They tend to keep things inside all stuffed and stiffled up, and deep in their minds and hearts the words keep playing and those words they just can not even shut up.

As some don't know how to let them out for them to depart, and all it does is play deeply with their minds and their hearts.

But my thing is ! Say what ever you have to say and stop leaving it pending until another another or another day .

Say what you truthfully feel it's not rude it's just you being real and cutting the words to fly off the stick stuck mind heart reel.

Say what you mean and mean what you say ,tell someone what they may need to hear ,but ddon't ever be cruel harsh or spiteful as to make them sadly walk away.

Say it polite truthful and right say it with intent, and make the relevance of meanings all meant .

Yes! Always say it with true empowering in tensions and as you seasoned it right, you wouldn't have to worry about giving anyone a sad heart of fright.

You know ! If you have something to say to someone,you should say it because in the long run.

It may help them on a decision to take,or it may hit them softly in a way to get them consciously awake.

And it's always good to be gentle and never don't carish and harsh but always be truthful in heart, and the right relavent words will flow to whom ever they are for as from you they will depart.

Always say what you have to say with meaning Yes! But please don't go so far as to say it with sweet false words as seasoning.

Say it with cause ,say it with strength and never for finding words get lost, always say it for empowering cause.

A heart mind of good intentions will always have good to say, but a heart and mind of anger will only make individuals run or walk away.

So today and every other day open your mouth communicate, instead of mind heart suffocation that leads to no where.