Thursday, 5 May 2016

Doing Good.

It's always all truthful hearts of individual's hands on deck and not giving someone a helping hand and in return ask them for money or a cash cheque.

Individuals doing good never hurt anyone,it's only Loving and caring aspects of ways that must and should be done.

It's helping someone out,and for the ones that hate what you're doing don't say a word or even waste your precious energy and to them don't even shout.

As it's you knowing your own true heart of way and taking directions it planned,it's you going all the ways of passages you have to go always with a true heart soul of hand as you truthfully embrace your brother man.

On a direction to see more growth,as you let them see and know the trueness of their worth.

To go on strong and aware in their lives,and not to give up or let world life's ways cut them like sharp knifes.

And Yes! As you would realized sometimes when ever someone is doing good the bad mouths always seems to show,but you know what? Don't ever be afraid and from your true works never let go.

As always hot stale wind always needs to be release so let from their mouths the stale wind blow,you see they can not move the unmovable for sure :) 

As your strong standing will dissolved them like ice, melts in hot heat to water and to try it again they will have to think more than twice :)

Their words will go in the oblivion that it is meant to go because with your true standing of way no one can not touch thee,you were destined to help others and get them in awareness to get them set free.

You know sometimes when you are doing good others will seemed to have bad things to say,but as the troll that they come with,just shut them up and chase them and they will run away.

And for the trolling person you can always tell them from the fruits that they are bearing as their fruits like them will wither away as you see or hear the selfish words from them all the negative words that they will continue try saying.

So always stand fearless true strong bold and sturdy and know to whom you belong and work for, those individual's negative words can not even touch you whether they are near or far.

Always embrace your true heart of way,and the individuals that you know in heart of soul needs Loving care to find their way.

You see now or at the end it's only your Creator and Father God that can judge you,and if he is for you no one else can be against you :)

This is a big world and Yes! Some individuals out there is struggling and instead of trying to help put a rope around their necks,people need to put them on solid pavements and take them up from the paths of ground that is dirty soggy and wet.

You know! My thing is help someone to help someone to help someone up ,a true Love ripple of effect,it's not for anyone to give help and ask that person for cash for the help you give them or they get.

As it's a true heart helping way,and true Love wares they always ripple in self awares.

So to ask someone that is down for some financial cash,is just like you picking up a piece of wood and giving them a hard lash.

Doing good is you the individual doing what you must ,from a passionate heart that carries love knowledge wisdom of understanding's caring trust .