Saturday, 14 May 2016

How You Can Feel The Aspects Of True Ways.

What About Feelings?

How you can feel the aspects of ways and find the individuals who truly care.
The ones with hearts full of light that hug talk or look at you and make things all right.
The individuals with so much need that is willing to assist your every plea.
In the most Loving and Truthful way that always carry caring wares.
Some individuals that take a stand to help Yes! Their brother man to survive to the max as they are never involved with the asking of money or for their assistance to pay them any pending tax.
You know the right way is the right way and that is what true hearts always do.
They help in relevant ways the things they need to do.
So when I see these individuals with feelings that is full of light, I hold on to them tightly as I give them a hug so tight.
Meeting individuals like this is a special bliss as they always get to show, true caring hearts that is always lighted with love and glow.

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