Monday, 2 May 2016

Open Mouth Communication Instead of Mind Heart Suffocation.

Oh how so many individuals have this way of never inputing of their true feelings of words as to say what they need to say.

They tend to keep things inside all stuffed and stiffled up, and deep in their minds and hearts the words keep playing and those words they just can not even shut up.

As some don't know how to let them out for them to depart, and all it does is play deeply with their minds and their hearts.

But my thing is ! Say what ever you have to say and stop leaving it pending until another another or another day .

Say what you truthfully feel it's not rude it's just you being real and cutting the words to fly off the stick stuck mind heart reel.

Say what you mean and mean what you say ,tell someone what they may need to hear ,but ddon't ever be cruel harsh or spiteful as to make them sadly walk away.

Say it polite truthful and right say it with intent, and make the relevance of meanings all meant .

Yes! Always say it with true empowering in tensions and as you seasoned it right, you wouldn't have to worry about giving anyone a sad heart of fright.

You know ! If you have something to say to someone,you should say it because in the long run.

It may help them on a decision to take,or it may hit them softly in a way to get them consciously awake.

And it's always good to be gentle and never don't carish and harsh but always be truthful in heart, and the right relavent words will flow to whom ever they are for as from you they will depart.

Always say what you have to say with meaning Yes! But please don't go so far as to say it with sweet false words as seasoning.

Say it with cause ,say it with strength and never for finding words get lost, always say it for empowering cause.

A heart mind of good intentions will always have good to say, but a heart and mind of anger will only make individuals run or walk away.

So today and every other day open your mouth communicate, instead of mind heart suffocation that leads to no where.

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