Saturday, 14 May 2016

To Have And Hold Or to Let Go ?

When you take another by the hand and commit thyself to them.

And in bad relationships of marriage when does "I Am Done", I Am Finished And I Want A Divorce", step in do you know when?

The Conclusion

Yes! There are so many marriages done today and most have finished in days or months and what I really want to ask is "Why do individuals play these fake love games?
Why do they pretend to love someone maybe for fame fortune finances of prestige, why do they jump to get married to the individual out of selfish greed?
And some Yes! Knowing the person just days,and wedding bells are heard suddenly in hears.
Marriage today is not what being married is about as some have so much abuse and some have so much illegal ties you'll think that you are lasing shoes.
Tell me! What is happening in marriages today when individuals confess their love to each other and after a few days or months they just throw the marriage away?

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