Friday, 10 June 2016

Always Try To Keep A Peaceful Way.

Always block out the confusing noise of  wayward world, and stand with the wares that you bare.
Stand in your authoritative motion and empower everyone everywhere.
Keep peace always with you just let it surround you as it flows in the air.
Making a sense of serenity as it flows to individuals everywhere.
Let peace abide,and your loving ways never hide.
As good truthful ways are embedded in you, to do the work that you were destined to do.
You see! Peace allows you to walk your passage without being mad or upset.
It makes a way for you to flow through as individuals in your path a peaceful feeling their to will get.
So keep peace always inside and always control and calm your stressful thinking thoughts of heart and being.
Let your peaceful presence flow always through as your peaceful stance will be felt and seen.
The immaculate way of standing that never sways or break,the momentum of true understanding of a truthful heart's intake.

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