Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Continue To Do What Is Right .

Never fall and sway,never try deliberately to stray away.
Always continue to do what is right,as you walk your everyday true path of way that is so bright.
Things in life happens for a reason and Yes! As some things go up they will come down.
As the truth will show up all the lies that has been deceiving individuals in the world all around.
It's always for individuals to show up the errors of world and never to willing do bad and join in.
It's for everyone to walk on their paths truthfully and at the end always win.
This is a time of deliverance to cleanse everyone of bad ways,to put and push paths of enlightenment as each person walk their true being of potential path ways of awares.
To move and to be always aware to dictate meaningful things to others as each word to you is being said.
So continue with good ways of passages the ones that for you was made.
Always push forward to achieve what you have to achieve.
Always show truthfulness and let others know what true Love of consciousness really means.
Everything is already set and put in place for everyone to walk their secured and truthful path of ways.
As you're guided by will and by a Father's Loving heart of hand that is patiently still.
Helping others everyone should know and do.
And its never for them to take up man made weaponry to try to destroy you.
It's a changing a making a coming of something new.
It's a breaking and a pushing of full meaningful passages meaning truthfully for you.

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