Sunday, 12 June 2016


A pushing of a story tale ,with sometimes help from others and yourself that makes your life well made.

Adapting to a way of positive ways,of living the right way and try never to stray.

A believing of a need,to have patience,commitment, hope and never greed.

Just to comply with a way,that will direct you to truthful passages and never ones with lies but always care.

Life is an entry dock that at birth you get to stop, a masterpiece of safety with each day of the turning of the clock.

You birth,and you walk your pathway of turf.

To gain entry of a true way, that is your destiny way with full awares.

To always flow with conscious awares to be strong and hold on,to the good things that will eventually come.

It's about always having patience and never falling weakly to the ground, as you will get what is needed bit by bit as you go along.

Yes! Life has it's tribulations and challenges but these are just tools for your life living of trade.

You are not meant to get angry or for your brotherman show or hold hate.

Life is a passage a dimension that you go through,a gateway of knowledge to help you find the meaning of and for the true you.

All strengthening tools to keep you up standing fearless and tall.

With truthful consciousness awareness of understanding so that you would never fall .

Gifts are given on passages of ways that benefit you with caring ways to teach you to understand,as to get through life from the helping of your own hands.

Always gather information that will help you,a passport to travel in life to know what you must do.

Tools are never meant to hurt you or make you fall,but are put in your passage of way to leave you victorious,fearless,consciously aware and to also remind you to keep standing tall.

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