Thursday, 28 July 2016

Enjoy Your Blessings And Utilized Them Well.

The breathe of life is a precious blessing and with this one you used,its not to be destroyed, neglected or abused.

Its for you to enjoy everyday as you wake up on each new day to see, the loving ways of nature family friends Yes! The way it is meant to be.

Blessings come in all forms of ways,physical, mental and spiritual and they align with you to help you do the things that you are mandated to do.

Yes! To help you out in life ways, they will help you out day by day.

Sweet blessings from the highest on high above ,sent by hands of heart of a Father's Love :)

Favor are blessing and some individuals get a great lot,a help in some ways from someone that you know or knows not :)

But favor are always blessings and flows in so much ways,they help you up when you need a helping hand in some way.

And with a financial blessing of a physical blessing you will always get what you need,you see financial blessings always goes to who do good and never ones with greed.

So as the tusami wave of blessing begins and continue to flow, utilized your blessings well and let them continue to grow.

Spread your roots far and wide,let your branches reach for the stars in the sky.

Blossom and bloom,and continue to do what you were destined to do.

And always remember that this is your time your stars has align its the time that was made for you :)

Continue to expand, as you lovingly bless your brotherman.

Yes! With blessing of and from a truthful voice that continue to bare blessings from a helping heart of hand :)

A tusami wave of blessing is rolling in,and a substantial amount of blessings it's waves is about to bring in.

To find and deposit in each and every truthful heart of hand,that continues to Lovingly help their brother man :)

A mighty flow, that will continue to grow and always expand in ways,to the massive of individuals that carry hearts full of cares.

So great! All blessings are being delivered to all those who with faith of truthful loving hearts, hoped each day and patiently waited.

Yes! The days of blessing are coming with the waves to show you Yes! You have made it.

So enjoy and gratefully and wisely use it :)

No one or nothing can not stop this tusami wave of blessings that is about to flow,as they will only see that it only will continue to massively grow :)

Written by

Marcelle Hinkson

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Stick To Your Regime .

Always stick to your regime of a true and peaceful Loving way, continue doing good and don't ever let the trolling of trollers offset your way.

Never get fustrated ,as all that the trollers do is loaded with much hatred.

Do not ever downgrade yourself and get on like them,throwing back the ignorance of replys and act ignorant like them.

You know! In this world there is positive and negative and when you are on a positive way, the negative will also try to gain its way.

But always remember that you are so much stronger than you and they know, you are standing on the brightest of light that illuminates brighter than any other light that shows.

You stand on a strong and sure foundation with light as your helmet and truth as your sword.

And with this kind of standing the negatives of trollers or the wayward ways of world will never get a hold.

Massive material of articles of truth,the heart of souls protruding but never like nukes.

With positive truths of wares all the true hearts will gain in ways.

To maneuver on passages with the lightness of voice,to always get the works done without the ignorance of a demanding voice.

Its a tune up a showing up a dismantling of tools you bare, a correcting a directing to all those individuals that somehow lost their way.

Voices of heart soul of truths, always stick to your regime and continue to do what you know you should truly do.

No one is able to stand in your way,because all true hearts of souls carry hearts that is seeded with true authentic wares.

So continue to show Love and care everywhere,brighten the darkness of places and fill individuals with much consciousness of full awares :)

Written by

Marcelle Hinkson

Monday, 25 July 2016

Everything Will Always Be Working In Truthful Ways.

Never be disappointed never fret,alway know that what is for you,you will certainly get.

Your name is written in the stars with a magnitude of meaningful wares,with the necessities of processions and the Loving way of cares.

This is what is called new,when everything that was stolen will be given right back to you.

Everything that was taken from you in the past,will be given back to you with the finest of class.

Truthful positioning truthful ways truthful heart soul teachings in many ways.

A mandate for greatness as destined by God, your Loving Father and Creator who keep holding you up with the strength of never to fall.

An obedient servant with pure Love of being,that connects to soul hearts when in their presence from a true heart they to will always see.

Know that everything will always be working in truthful ways,your heart is the mandate that is full with rewards from cares :)

New path of turf with the greenist of green new from birth.

A true carpet of delight,that echoes in true ways of light :)