Friday, 19 August 2016

Being The Original You.

To be the original you is a genuine way,and with uniqueness you will always carry in ways.

It is not bad,as you will never copy others to end up bewildered and sad.

You will do things the truthful way,and for copying the negative ways of others you will always stay clear.

You should know what in heart of soul that you should do, and that is to continue to be the unique genuine you.

You're unique in ways, and carry a heart that care.

Is a way that will always identify you, and you will always know what to and what not to do.

You will always follow you and follow the original way,to do what is right for you as you live each passing day.

You will never let anyone intimidate you,because you know the truth of what is best for you.

And that is the true and genuine way,and for all copying of falsehood you will not have a care.

Remember that you don't have to show yourself off because you will always stand out,you don't have to say to others come look at me with a photographic shout.

With truths the right you will always know,as you let your uniqueness continue to gracefully show.

You will manoueuver in life positively well,and you will also encourage others how to help themselves as well.

Written by

Marcelle Hinkson

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