Sunday, 7 August 2016

Rise To The Occasion Of A Bright New Day.

Raising out of bed as you take the pillow from under your head.

Step out in the air and breathe the breath of a fresh new day.

Looking out in yonder, as you have embraced another day of tomorrow.

A new day that has given birth , to direct you closer to your true potential of worth.

New beginning new light, a new heart feeling that you will always be Okay! Yes! Alright .

As you are guided in a true way, of guidance from a Loving Father that truly care.

The days has nothing to offer it is what you can offer it, it is the way you maneuver in passages and plays like a clock that ticks.

Days come and days go, but it is what you have or want to willingly do, share shower and show?

It's you giving ,sharing, loving and caring ,it's you empowering those that need help in guiding.

Some say " What does the day has to offer ? But again I say to you it is what you have to offer it.

Days go along without thinking and another day passes quickly, as the wind blows light and soft or bleakly.

Yes! It is you that is doing the offering,you that is making someone's heart of soul sweetly sing.

You that is making a way to enlighten individuals in your path of the way, so the next time you rise to the occasion and embrace a new day.

Always know what you are going to offer to individuals along the way, offer a true heart soul of sharing that has cares of wares in ways.

Know what you are going to share shower and show,with a loving light of soul's heart that continue to forever glow.

Know that you are the time ,that makes the day move in an essence of rhymes.

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