Monday, 22 August 2016

You're Fired?

In this world of societies with individuals in all areas of ways some can say that they know these words quite well, and they can say that it helped them up and a testimony some of them can tell.

Hearing the words, ” You're Fired! Broadcast in your face and ears,What is it? Is it a brain trick? Do it put your mind and heart on alarm with a loud noise that immediately goes tick- tick- tick?

Some get shocked by these words and seemed never to know what to do or say,they get blinded by these words and the words try to intimidate their way.

Others on the other hand just embrace them well as they look for a big severance cheque and the huge bank account that will remind them as each swipe of a card or writing a cheque to them will tell.

Some go on to different meaningful areas of life's workmanship to live their life beneficially well.

Hearing these words from an employer and feeling the way it is pushed out of mouth, sometimes leaves the individual that it is said to behaving like a little timid scared mouse.

Why do you get afraid? Is it the mouth of body, Is it the title of the somebody?

Well! I am going to input my view of these words about ” You're Fired ! These words that sometimes comes direct, don't ever let them intimidate you as you can find more relevant meaningful ways to get another pay cheque so don't fret.

What I can tell you is that you should face it don't be a scared little timid kitten,that runs away naked.

Know that you are full of awares, and know that you will get through all days.

You have life and true passages you will go,and you will achieve yourself and you will meaningfully grow.

You must always look at it this way that getting fired also comes as a inefficient closing door for some, and a new door will be opened gradually for you to meaningfully walk in or run.

So these words, ” You're Fired! Just put on the back burner and let them simmer down and dissolved real well, what the heck! You will soon get another -another and another yes! More to come in pay cheques :)

You have life to live and getting fired is not going to stop that,you will have another job and you will get bigger pay cheques :)

So don't ever get offset, it is how you will maneuver in ways,and it is also how you will make used of your time in the days.

It is the understanding road,that you will walk on for a full self potential of growth.

It is you putting your heart in the matter and continuing everyday, to help you achieve yourself to walk always in meaningful ways.

Opportunity always knocks,and sometimes getting fired is like an old key that unlocks a new lock.

That opens a golden door for you to step in, that puts you on true passages with full archievements that will put you to win :)

Written by

Marcelle Hinkson

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