Sunday, 25 September 2016

Never Take On Panic Never Take On Fear- It Is Not The Only And True Loving Living God's Way.

I can say that I know my Creator God I trust him and I have faith In him and the love that I have for him can not compare to any other.

As always ” Don't Panic! No Fear is in effect .

It is not fear and panic that Creator wants to entrust with his people , it's a true and loving relationship with him in love, strength, guidance, a faith of hope and consciousness of aware .

It's time that individuals listen to God's true voice to know what kind of God he is and cherish him for his Love and protective ways.

My life is in God's hands and Yes! He showed me and I know and I would have it no other way, I have a relationship with God, not a religion of or with him.

My creator molded me and I have faith that he will keep me safe,as his love and directions are keeping me today this 48 years that I am on this earthly realm.

Mankind needs to understand that yes! Things will happen but it's never to put fear or panic in anyone, malicious entities the enemy and his agents is behind most calamities that you see or hear,just to put a fear panic of confusion into individuals lives.

Anyone that really knows God will know what he is about when it comes to his love of ways and his children .

God said; “Have no fear I am with you always I will never leave you nor forsake you”.

This is his promise and I can say that I saw and know that his promise was at work all my life.

Things are happening in world, but just like a seedling in a big forest where huge trees gradually fall from elements, the seedling always braced itself because it's roots are firm and grounded in strong soil, and that seedling grows up and becomes bigger than any other tree,that is what strength is to bare, to grow and to rise despite whatever may be going on around you.

You should never get yourself embedded in in world's wayward ways but always focus on your true and only source of living and life.

Right now television,radio,newspapers and some other elements of media is channeling fear lies and deceit to intimidate confuse and corrupt individuals minds their well-being and living by their uncouth ways.

Always focus on your true source of existence the true source of Love and life in this changing and evolving world.

Earth is a living matter and she sheds her unwanted skin ,in terms of dirty deviant weeds of lice that seem sometimes to get embedded in her way.

And as always those awaken will know when she is naturally shedding and know when false manipulation is trying to be copied off her.

God's way is so different from what some individuals speculate God is for Love Peace and never War,God is for helping up not throwing down his loving people.

A lot of individuals need to know the difference between God and the Devil(Satan) ways.

And they must be able to decern and interpret dreams for what they really are,in terms of what they see as to know the meaning behind each picture of the way.

I have no doubt that they are individuals out there who had an encounter with God's Sovereignty, his presence in a mighty way,to know and understand what he is really about.

With this world of manipulations ways some wayward individuals have tapped into more channeling of devious directions,and some have gained forces with the unseen.

But that doesn't mean that you should bow down to them there is only one true living loving God and anything else will be just an imposter trying to gain entry in a wayward world of the way to gain dominance with fear and panic distributions to manipulate individuals with their schemes.

This way of some individuals trying to put fear in everyone is just a devious way of contempt that is being used.

And individuals should notice they reaction before and after hearing or seeing some event of calamity by how they react, hearts pounding with fear-confusion-panic is just an entity of fear confusion and panic that just put itself into position in your life.

A focus calm posture is your creator always Yes! Protecting you and keeping you calm and safe.

Throughout the would there are billions of individuals who I know had an encounter of truthful experience with Creator God that showed them his true love of way as to know the difference.

It's like a seed planted to grow for you to know to be align recognized and know his true way,and today a lot of you need to learn from it because that is what he is asking for you to do,to know him and his true way he is not of fear and pànic or confusion, but always about Love of a true way,please recognize his way.

By now everyone should notice that whenever some sort of calamity happens or some strange individual come around.

How wild panicking with so much fear of confusion falls on them that they can not focus on anything, help themselves or help anyone, as they just walk or run around in a crazy frenzy state of being.

Then they are the awaken ones that know the true source of their existence, and they are calm and always positioned in a strong standing being of a way, you know why?

They know the true source of their life and his true way :)

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