Monday, 26 December 2016


Yes! Your Creator and Father Loves you and he does so a lot, with the genuineness of Love that is never bought as an item in sales of merchandise from a shop.

You know! It's genuine love from individuals that truly loves you, with a showing of care and appreciation of really having and knowing you.

Deep commitment from a heart's soul of love, sweet feelings that you should always have.

You would always know the individuals that truly love you deep from a heart and soul, and forget the ones that just carry a fake lie of love that they continually to falsely hold.

Stay close to genuine people and they will stay close to you, as you will help each other to do the things that the both of you really want and are meant to do.

Enjoy your life with the ones that genuinely care, and the others with false promises and lies just get them out of your life and your passages of ways.

Help yourself to enjoy you in the most meaningful truthful genuine and positive ways, you have a precious gift from Creator Father God Yes! His breath of life to help you enjoy your days in each and every way.  

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