Friday, 30 December 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR-My Gift To You :)

A new year is coming and an old year is about to pass, so all the bad experiences just learn from them as you put them in the past.

Use this new year to start over as you turn a new page in your life, gain your independence and continue to persevere as you help yourself to strive.

The errors of mishaps that you had done once before, please learn from them and release them through the past of not to do again; as you send them through its door.

Let this year bring light and true love always to your soul, let it keep you wrapped in the true consciousness of aware as you walk your pathway strong fearless and bold.

Let this new year embrace you with meaningful and special things, that is delivered to you from a loving precious Father all wrapped in holy golden wings :)

Let this year open your eyes to see, that whoever was cut off of your life was never meant to be.

Don't upset frustrate or stress yourself, if you don't have a job you will soon and time will tell.

And if you are in a job home relationship or other that you find repulsive of the sort, don't get angry just take your time you know its never bought.

Listen to your heart and make the right move at the right time, and don't be afraid don't let lying false voices intimidate you or your mind.

If you have to go, you will go as your inner being will help walk you through and out of those meaningless doors.

Never take pride inside, to boost yourself up from a true way with lies.

2017 is about to walk in, and get yourself ready because you are about to cross the finish line as you victoriously win :)

Walk with peace of mind walk into joy walk with a true heart, that will not be played by anyone like a child's plastic or stuffed toy.

Walk into full consciousness of what you were taught, it came all freely and nothing you wasn't told that it must be bought.

So as this year of 2017 arises over the horizon, open your heart and soul and let true love's light brighten.

Let true love show you the way, let true love show you it cares.

Let true love direct you, let true love mold you.

Let true love teach you well, that you can embrace others and never look at color but look at their true hearts as well :)

First and foremost I THANK MY LOVING  CREATOR AND FATHER GOD THE LOVER OF MY HEART because Of him I am here.
I THANK EACH AND EVERYONE ONE YOU :) It has been an honor to be blessed to be among such warm and true-hearted individuals and I appreciate every like, instant message, share, endorsement, email, view, comment, phone call, skype call, every kind gesture every precious word that you embodied in my soul, And I take this opportunity to tell everyone to always follow your truthful heart no matter what learn from your experiences and never give up be fearless and walk strong always knowing that you were given a life to live for a reason and that reason is because you have a purpose a destiny to do something great.
I look forward to our journey as we walk into 2017 to do more meaningful and truthful works.

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