Sunday, 11 December 2016

Life On Living Pastures

Life is made to live the breath of life is a gift to live in the most meaningful way,to love one another and show each other genuine care.

It is now to throw away like stale news, it is about you turning an old page in life as you go into the new.

Life is about gaining ground and let the trueness of love play in your heart of soul like a sweet tune of a song.

It is about helping someone from the ground when they are weary and not strong enough to stand.

Life is about helping your brother man up and never to push them further in the sand.

It is about loving yourself and everyone, and as far as the ones that hurt you to always forgive and walk your path peacefully along.

Life is about gaining your independence of way and strength,where ever you may go north-east-south or west.

It is about keeping your heart of soul whole, to never follow individuals with bad negative ways that want you to follow their words of direction in communication when to you they are told.

Life is about being happy inside,and who wants to input on that happiness and are worthy to will input without being cruel abusive or come with lies.

So always try to gain your strong sturdy ground ,keep peace and the love of faith and hope inside and lovingly walk along :)


A relaxed feeling comes over you you've dream't of this before,it fills you and surrounds you and in your face it starts to show.

To be at peace to enjoy everyday and to see the beauty of it all,winter-spring-summer and fall :) 


  1. A very inspiring post .. Thank you for sharing with Healing Touch of Truth. Please keep in touch.

  2. Thank You @Usha Usha you are most welcome I am glad that You appreciate it :) please stay in touch as well :)