Saturday, 31 December 2016

To Get Peace

When you get peace no crying hurting no noise is heard, no confusion on your peaceful road. 
No arrogant ways no lousy days no individuals to upset your way, because you will be standing always in peaceful ways. 
Peace can come so naturally if only Everyone will embrace, a piece of mind heart and soul that will lead them to peaceful days. 
It doesn't make sense getting yourself angry then minutes after you have to tune as you calm yourself down and you are just wasting precious energy. 
It doesn't matter frustrating yourself about anything in any way, that is why there is another day to get things and put them your way. 
Time waits for no one it's the individual to tag along, it's what you have to offer when the time comes. 
To some gaining, peace might seem hard but it's not as it's for you to get in control, and use full authority over your mind heart and soul. 
It's protecting your mind from negative ways of voices that may want to throw you off your track, it's inputting positive things in the heart with the boldness and a strong back. 
It's keeping your soul clean and lighted to shine brighter than the stars at night, as you get to understand the negatives in world Yes! The wrongs and the rights. 
Take your stand and let your voice be heard, not in a loud bellow of angry feelings and never a swearing of words. 
Your peace of mind heart and soul should mean everything to you, and you should try and implement a regime of ways that will always benefit you. 
The peace of silence so much long to hear it's a sure guide as you are able to listen, to true heart soul of directions that you were once missing. 
That is why when confusion is around no one could ever think, because the loud voices of confusion will try to get all your true directions that are for you to be miss. 
The words of directions that you are supposed to hear to keep a quiet peaceful stance, that is why a peaceful way is relevant for you to get in your life at every chance. 

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