Sunday, 29 January 2017

A Peace Of Calling Wherever You May Come From.

Mankind needs to know that it is hate, anger fear, and envy that is used to turn individuals against each other.

Love is your true nature so heal with compassion your brothers and sisters.

Share of yourselves and help each other get up, off the world of ground and out of the situations and circumstances that were a setup.

A peace a calling where ever you may come from, a sharing showering and showing of a true love from caring hands.

No one needs to suffer not even by you, look at your brothers and sisters the ones you know and the ones that may not know you.

It's a terrible affair when mankind let in hate anger envy and fear, these are not devices of a true and genuine way.

They are just elements that carry division and confusing ways, that try to embodied individual to create a dark atmosphere.

Tell me? What is it really that mankind is fighting each other for? Why do you hate each other? Why the bias ways? Why the hate and anger with the controlling with fear?

Why the disruption of lives? Why the manipulation and controlling with devious lies?

There might be a disagreement with someone, family or other, but that doesn't mean that you should hate your brothers and sisters.

If you tried communication and it didn't work, the links can be broken instead of making things worst.

No one should try to put a stumbling block in each other's ways, what had happened has happened and what is done is done, so just send them love and forgiveness and be on your way as you move peacefully along.

Never do it with a grudge hate anger or fear but with forgiveness of a true heart as the both of you depart.

Always try to release the hate anger envy and fear burdens and leave no heavy, weight on your yourself only your head legs and your arms that support your shoulders and your body. 

Saturday, 28 January 2017

SEX? - Not All About Sex!

Yes! Relationships do happen but you know what? It should not be all about sex.

‘‘ Sex Is Dormitory ’’~Marcelle Hinkson

It should be about finding someone genuine someone that shows a true love of interest to you, someone that you connects to the way they connect to you.

A good solid relationship between two individuals that have a genuineness of truths that they bare.

Sex is so overrated and it's all out there, and some individuals used it like a toy in some playground and it doesn't have any interest in love and a true care.

Sex is being merchandised just like materialistic wares and broadcast in your face by some individuals that for themselves and others show no respect or care.

Sex should never be what gets a relationship started, it should be about a genuine true heart and it's essence that the individual carries.

In wayward ways of this world it's trying to push sex as the thing, to make fast cash and out there you find some women the men are pimping.

But it's not the right way, as it carries unhealthy and dangerous ways.

And true love isn't about having sex daily day in and day out, and it's not about knocking your body all about.

Being in a relationship with your special true one should be about commitment, trust, love, honestly, care and a genuine heart that shows compassion with care.

Yes! You will show passion and you will commit with a special bond, sex is not made to have it with this man the other some stranger or that one.

And when the time comes you will know that it's not about the sex but about the connection that you have, the genuineness of the way, the truthful feelings of care.

This world is portraying a sex that is lustful wild crazy and it's not a sacred act, it's just a lustful way and the true connection of a genuine love it always lacks. 

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

No Meaningless Veils.

Do individuals ever notice how devious evil veils can flow in, just to cover the eyes of the unconscious from the head of their minds to the feet of their hems?

The meaningless ways that don't help you, only the selfish false ways from individuals that are never for you.

The promises and more promises that they try to give, and the sense of fear that they try to put on you to stop and control your will.

With the heavy confusion burdens that on your back and shoulder they try to strap on, instead of giving a true heart of hand that you can strongly hold on.

I want everyone to wake up today and consciously see that what had happened has happened and what is past is in the past, so look for new days that is coming all yours with the finest of class.

Leave the bad memories, the sad stories the bad experiences of the broken heartedness you had, the days that are coming you should never be sad.

Your heart is not broken your mind is all truthfully made up, and for the ignorant devious false voices rebuke them and tell them to shut up.

No more sad stories or memories because you are stronger more conscious, focus and you are so aware.

And you don't have any burdens on your back you are on your true passage of ways.

So I say that it's onward forward and up to never look or go back, you are on the Only and True unmovable train with strength, achievement success guidance provisions growth and awareness on a golden strong track, that will never erode break or get loose to go slack.

You will never look back because your feet of wheels is truthfully grounded on a golden railway, with a truthful banner that says ‘‘ My Beloved I Will Truthfully Continue To Guide Your Way.’’

So continue to do what is right and don't touch the wrong, your wings, was placed on you for a reason as you are destined to fly up and not down.

You are destined and you have a purpose and your will is already set, that is why only good things you will continue to get.

So freely you will go and truthfully you will soar as you walk through those golden way doors.

To meaningful passages and never false hindrance directed by false devious voices.

Your eyes are opened and you will always see what is before thee, more productive days and achievement wares and golden booths of strength on your feet, you are victorious and you will continue to sit on your Winner's seat :)  

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Let This Year Embrace You Well :)

It's called Happy for a reason you see it is a Happy New Year, and it should be in all sense of being with all positive aspects as a spiritual suit to wear.
With all positive ways that makes your heart of inner soul gleam, positive aspects that will help you by all good means.
So let this year embrace you well, and only accept greeting from individuals that from heart for you they mean well.
The truthful words from heart, that you can feel when from them their words depart.
Words that will help build you up instead,and give you a freeness of conscious head.
Let this year produce meaningful passages, let this year bring divine Fatherly gifts and packages.
Let this new year smile in your being from the eyes of the universe that always see.
Let newness of truthful birthing passages open up to every selected meaningful door, let the freshness of peace always reside in your mind body spirit soul and heart home and meaningful inviting doors. :)

This New Year Only Truthful Blessings Allowed!

A new year is here and I opened my eyes to see, a beautiful promising rainbow that saluted me :)

My being embraced as I am patient to see the beautiful promises of truthful giftings that is coming to me.
And then I went to my phone and opened some pages of messages and to tell the truth I could not read, as some of them felt wrong as I got an instant feel.
You see! certain elements of words came into full view as my spiritual eyes opened to warn me and I knew that those words were not good for me or reading them was not a wise thing to do.
My inner being just stopped me in full track, so That no negative ways in this New Year can not manifest on my back.
And straight away I was given these precious words, for myself and everyone so That they would be empowered about the minions of devious secret trolls.
Everyone must understand that this is a special year and a new year to just let only positive ways into your life and never negative ways or words.
I am not going to mentioned the words as I did what I was directed to do to get them voided, this is my year and no one is messing with it and I'm fully guarded :)))
As I said I'm not going to mention the words because this new year is for all positive true aspects of ways, true meaningful promises, full growth of expansions, this year is for evolving through the truthfulness of doors.
And now I will proceed with the word :).......
Blessings and curses is to different things, blessings is positive cursing is negative wrong gifts with crocked bows or wings.
Bless someone with good blessings bless them with good words always think positive thoughts and never mention negative ways that you want to put on their road.
Never mix the two to get them intwine, never put in the elements of negative in a sentence of line.
So always bless someone and keep it always positive, and never think of anything negative.
Always bless someone with good emotions and good words, and never use bad elements that will want to manifest as a curse.