Sunday, 29 January 2017

A Peace Of Calling Wherever You May Come From.

Mankind needs to know that it is hate, anger fear, and envy that is used to turn individuals against each other.

Love is your true nature so heal with compassion your brothers and sisters.

Share of yourselves and help each other get up, off the world of ground and out of the situations and circumstances that were a setup.

A peace a calling where ever you may come from, a sharing showering and showing of a true love from caring hands.

No one needs to suffer not even by you, look at your brothers and sisters the ones you know and the ones that may not know you.

It's a terrible affair when mankind let in hate anger envy and fear, these are not devices of a true and genuine way.

They are just elements that carry division and confusing ways, that try to embodied individual to create a dark atmosphere.

Tell me? What is it really that mankind is fighting each other for? Why do you hate each other? Why the bias ways? Why the hate and anger with the controlling with fear?

Why the disruption of lives? Why the manipulation and controlling with devious lies?

There might be a disagreement with someone, family or other, but that doesn't mean that you should hate your brothers and sisters.

If you tried communication and it didn't work, the links can be broken instead of making things worst.

No one should try to put a stumbling block in each other's ways, what had happened has happened and what is done is done, so just send them love and forgiveness and be on your way as you move peacefully along.

Never do it with a grudge hate anger or fear but with forgiveness of a true heart as the both of you depart.

Always try to release the hate anger envy and fear burdens and leave no heavy, weight on your yourself only your head legs and your arms that support your shoulders and your body. 

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